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Wallniture Kitchen Rail Organizer Iron Hanging Utensils Rack with Hooks Frosty Black 30 Inch

Wallniture Kitchen Rail Organizer Iron Hanging Utensils Rack with Hooks Frosty Black 30 Inch

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Assembly required with purchase this heavy-duty thick iron material kitchen rail installation breeze screws anchors are included convenience won't have take trip hardware store

Well-constructed made quality craftsmanship rail constructed solid sturdy materials last years come with satisfaction guaranteed this kitchen rod accommodate substantial amount weight ease

Practical rail comes with shaped hooks maneuver around easily whenever must otherwise stay solid won't have pick floor storing cookware will longer hassle

Ingenious design this iron rail designed specifically needs any professional cook one-of-a-kind thick wall rod will help save time digging pots pans every must

Game changer this rail will organizational tool kitchen help free-up cabinet space while giving opportunity de-clutter counter work more productively

Will longer have reach around fumble pots pans find need create more space get out way chop dice shred zest knead dough easily feel accomplished viking professional gourmet cook tasks done lot quicker than usual simply keeping kitchen organized neat streamlined tidy crafty with diy ideas wall rod accommodate any situation utilize hanging plants frames mirrors other designs see pinterest creative cor keep everyone wondering where they their hands multi-purpose rail s-hooks versatile utilizing accessory organizer entryway storage solution hang outerwear organize cleaning supplies mop broom closet iron cookware bar help utensils lids measuring cups spoons apron oven mitt glove within free-up inside cabinets countertop work productively specifications material color frosty black product dimensions each hook what package heavy-duty mount mounting hardware



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