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Slimline Floor to Ceiling, Constant Tension Revolving Shoe Organizer Telescopic shoe rack holds up to 48 Pairs of Shoes - More Shoes Storage for Closets/Wardrobes or Space Saver for Bathrooms/Kitchens

Slimline Floor to Ceiling, Constant Tension Revolving Shoe Organizer Telescopic shoe rack holds up to 48 Pairs of Shoes - More Shoes Storage for Closets/Wardrobes or Space Saver for Bathrooms/Kitchens

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[NEED MORE SPACE IN YOUR WARDROBE/WIR/CLOSET] Need more shoe storage than you have The Lazy ShoeSan Revolving Telescopic Shoe Rack holds up to 48 pairs of shoes and expands your storage options into underused space - vertically. Don't trip over shoe racks on the floor. This shoe organizer fits into any corner or behind a door or other small spaces to create more storage space. Be smarter with the space you have!
[EASE OF ACCESS] 8 Rotating tiers holding 6 pairs of shoes per shelf, each level will swivel or turn independently, so all of your shoes are on display/ on show and easy to access. No shoes will get stuck or forgotten at the back. A stylish, contemporary and innovative way to store and keep tidy most footwear types - including, sandals, pumps, flats, stilletos, high heels, loafers, sneakers/running shoes.
[SLIM, MODERN DESIGN] This freestanding tall, narrow shoe rack maximizes storage while using minimal space used by making your shoe storage vertical. Unlike traditional shoe racks, its compact/slim line design only uses 12.2 inches cm x 12.2 inches of your valuable floor space. Its heavy-duty spring-loaded top fits floor to ceiling between 94.5 inches & 110 inches high). Easy and quick to assemble with no tools required and no need for screws to secure it to the ceiling o
[STURDY AND DURABLE CONSTRUCTION] Made from black powder-coated metal and high-quality P/P plastic, it is a durable storage solution that should last any household for many years. It is portable and can be easily moved from space to space/home to home. It is freestanding, so no need to secure it permanently to the floor or ceiling. Its rubber stop at top and bottom will hold it firmly in place and will not damage either your floor or ceiling.
[PORTABLE/USE IT IN MULTIPLE WAYS] It is the perfect addition to anyone moving or downsizing into a smaller home or already living in a small apartment or studio. Or, it is the perfect and easy solution, for anyone looking to better organize or upgrade their existing walk-in robe/closet. Or use it in other rooms where you need more storage - Kitchen/Bathroom/Porch/Garage /Mudroom /Entryway /Laundry /Bedroom or Dorm Room.

A MUST HAVE for ALL Shoe Addicts! Are you a shoe hoarder or shoe collector who needs more shoe storage spaceWe know the feeling! The Lazy ShoeSan shoe stand is a great present for anyone in your life who loves shoes. This unique shoe tree is easy to install and will quickly create new storage space in any location by going up, not out. Its slimline design allows it to fit into most small or awkward spaces such as corners, behind doors or next to a freestanding wardrobe. Plus, it is portable. If you are renting and you move, you can easily take it with you. This shoe rack has a spring loaded telescopic (constant tension) top that means it fits snugly floor to ceiling and its installation will not damage floors or ceilings. No drilling required. Why YOU need this Shoe Holder More storage: 

  • The 8 Tier Revolving Shoe Rack holds up to 48 pairs of shoes (Each shoes shelf holds up to 6 pairs of shoes).
  • All tiers revolve/rotate 360 degrees, so no shoes are trapped at the back.Works best on ceiling height around 110inches/foot.
Easy Installation:
  • 10-20 minutes on average to assemble and install & no tools needed.
Quality Materials:
  • This revolving shoe rack is made with high-quality P/P plastic with black powder-coated steel/metal frame.
  • Sturdy when installed correctly. It will not move with most accidental bumps.
  • Use wherever you need more storage, while it is perfect as a shoe closet organizer, you can also use it in the bathroom, laundry, mudroom, kitchen, entryway, dorm room or for garage storage or as a garage shoe organizer.
  • This large shoe organizer can also be used to store other items eg. Baseball cap organizer, baseball cap rack, hat rack or hat holder.

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