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MOGOZON Adjustable shoe organizer – Detachable space saver storage holder - 12 piece black set double shoe rack organizer with no assembly – Shoe Organizer for closet is the Perfect Gift

MOGOZON Adjustable shoe organizer – Detachable space saver storage holder - 12 piece black set double shoe rack organizer with no assembly – Shoe Organizer for closet is the Perfect Gift

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MAXIMIZE YOUR CLOSET SPACE: Do you have a small closet and no space for your shoes Are your shoes always scattered on the floor,no matter how often you organize them Thankfully, Mogozon has a great solution for you! These adjustable shoe racks will help you organize your shoe collection and maximize the space in your closet. In this way, you will find the pair of shoes you’re looking for easily, and your closet will have more space for more items.
SUITABLE FOR ALL TYPES OF SHOES: Sneakers, high heels, wedges, flats, sandals, flip flops, ankle boots –no matter your shoe size and the types of shoes you own, these plastic shoe organizers will fit your shoes nonetheless! The black shoe racks are adjustable,so you can adjust them up to 16 cm, based on the height of your shoes.Thanks to the adjustable design of the shoe slots, your shoes will not get dirty, compressed or damaged.
SMART NONSLIP DESIGN FOR INCLINED SHELVES: Where will you store these washable, heavy duty plastic shoe rack organizers You can place them on the floor in any room of your house, your closet, a cabinet, or even on the shelves of a shoe rack furniture.The bottom of our shoe storage organizers is nonslip and incredibly sturdy, so even if you place them on an inclined shelf, they will stay securely in place. Mogozon has got you covered!
ENOUGH RACKS FOR YOUR SHOE COLLECTION: While most brands on the market offer you 6 shoe storage slots,the Mogozon value pack includes 12 space saver shoe organizers, enough to hold 12 different pairs of shoes! If you own more than a dozen of shoes, you can add two or more shoe rack packs to your cart.Our shoe slot organizers are incredibly durable, so they will never fail to hold your shoes and keep your closet neat and organized.
BUY THE SHOE ORGANIZER SET WITH CONFIDENCE: Are you unsatisfied with the premium quality and undeniable practicality of our adjustable shoe racks Here at Mogozon we’re very confident of our product, and we want you to feel confident, too, that’s why we offer you a 100% money back guarantee. In the unlikely case that you’re not happy with your purchase, you can return the 12 shoe rack clots to us, and we will refund every last penny –that’s a promise.

Do You Own More Shoes Than Your Closet Can Fit You no longer have to stack them or leave them spread on the floor, because Mogozon can help you organize them and maximize the storage in your small closet! This 12-pack of adjustable shoe organizers will double your storage space and keep your shoes organized, clean, and in excellent condition. The lightweight plastic shoe racks are pre-assembled, washable, and incredibly durable, so they will forever keep your closet spaceorderly and neat. Store Different Sizes And Types Of Shoes! It doesn’t matter what shoe sizes and shoe types you want to place on our shoe organizer racks, because their height is adjustable up to 16cm. So feel free to use the premium black shoe racks for your: sneakers
high heels
flip flops
ankle boots Designed To Be Sturdy, No Matter Where You Place Them! You can store the practical space saving shoe organizers anywhere you want: On the floor next to your entryway
On the floor in your bedroom
In a cabinet
In your closet
On a shelf
On a shoe rack furniture Conveniently, the bottom of our adjustableshoe racks is nonslip and absolutely sturdy, so you can even place them on inclined shelves without worries! Maximize Your Closet Space Or Your Money Back! Did the plastic shoe organizing slots fail to double the space in your closet or shoe rack furniture Then contact us and let us know. Thanks to our 100% money back guarantee, Mogozon will give you your money back –no questions asked. What Are You Waiting For Scroll Up And Click The “Add to Cart” Button NOW!

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