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Household Essentials Wet/Dry Bamboo Shoe Tray

Household Essentials Wet/Dry Bamboo Shoe Tray

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7 slat bamboo shoe tray with protective NON-SKID feet for entryway shoe storage that keeps shoes directly off flooring
Can be used in a shower or bath for a salon-style experience (sauna or steam room in your own home!)
Allows air to flow around shoes to help them dry faster
Protects your floor from water and salt from winter roads
Keeps home more sanitary by keeping dirty soles from tracking dirt and grime inside

This Bamboo Shoe Tray treats your soles and feet well! Made of renewable, eco-friendly bamboo, this bamboo tray is a multipurpose tool that protects of home and your things. The 7 slat platform is raised, with protective feet underneath to protect your flooring and allow air to circulate around the tray and your shoes. This elevation dries shoes faster, and keeps the tray in top condition--making it the perfect entryway shoe storage. And drying and storing shoes up off the floor protects your floor long term. Salt and water wear down flooring. This tray helps reduce the wear and tear of winter and summer weather on the largest surface in your home. But even better, this tray can also be used to create your own spa at home. It fits into your tub or shower, lifting your feet off the floor for a spa-style experience. Turn your bath into an inviting sauna or steam room and treat yourself to something special. This versatile bamboo shoe tray really is something.

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