The lazy sunday sandwich!

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There are days when i just don’t want to stand in the kitchen for more than 10 mins without leaving lots of dirty dishes. This day was one such day when all i wanted was to stay and bed and let someone else feed me. But, reality struck hard in the core of my stomach as it produced dying whale sounds with hunger and telling me that i have to help myself up and walk to the kitchen.

So, if you’re in Pakistan, there are some simple ingredients you can just stock up your kitchen with during lazy times like these. Such ingredients in my kitchen include, PK foods ready to fry beef shami kebabs, mayonnaise, chilli garlic ketchup and some good ol’ brown bread. Lucky for me, there was some leftover salad in the fridge as well.

YES, i just wrote down the total ingredients for my recipe right above here. Let’s mention it again.


  • 2 slices of any kind of brown (multigrain, wholegrain, bran) bread – toasted
  • PK FOODS beef shami kebabs – 2 (shallow fried after defrosting)
  • mayonnaise
  • any kind of chilli ketchup (i prefer mitchells)
  • cabbage – roughly chopped
  • cucumber – a few slices


  1. Toast the bread.
  2. Layer the sandwich up; mine from below to top was – kebabs, cabbage, ketchup, mayonnaise, cucumber.
  3. Grill or enjoy as it is.



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