Personalized Grill Set, Laser Engraved BBQ Tools With Carrying Case, Custom Grilling Gift, Large Grill Master Cutting Board, Meat Smoker Kit by PromiDesign

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61.99 EUR

Grill set of 4 bbq tools and a cutting board, for making grill, barbecue, steaks, or meat on an outdoor grill or BBQ party. This grill tools set comes in a BBQ carrying kit and could be a great dad gift, or to anyone who loves summer and cooking.

The kit is made of natural wood and stainless steel. Comes in a cloth case to ensure that your tools will be always organized and in place. Knives have tip protection to ensure you won't damage the case or hurt yourself when transporting.

Available in 2 colors - rustic dark brown and original light natural wood. The dark brown color is made by painting the original wood with dark brown paint and finishing it with a rustic look. The cutting board and tools were additionally covered with transparent lacquer that is safe for use with food and gives extra protection from scratches, wears, and smell.

𝐒𝐄𝐓 πˆππ‚π‹π”πƒπ„π’:
- Carrying case
- Cutting board
- Big knife
- Small knife
- Meat fork
- Knife sharpener

When ordering please pick your wanted design and clearly state what do you want on the cutting board. Keep in mind that a fancy logo will be engraved only on the cutting board. On the tools like big knife, small knife, fork, and knife sharpener we're able to engrave words and sentences, just let me know what do you wish - additional engraving is free.

If you're short on space when entering engraving words and sentences - send us a message with your wanted words and sentences.

It's double fun to get something made especially for you. People love getting something, that has their name, favorite quote, or funny words on them. Make their day with that extra detail, that makes everything special. The engraving is laser burnt into the wood, so it will never wear off and remain there forever.

You can pick from the 5 designs that we offer, but if you have any other designs in mind - please message us and we will respond shortly.

πŒπ€π“π„π‘πˆπ€π‹π’ 𝐀𝐍𝐃 πƒπ„π“π€πˆπ‹π’:
- Natural wood, Stainless steel, cloth case
- All in one
- Easy transport and using
- Longlasting
- Personalization

πŒπ„π€π’π”π‘π„πŒπ„ππ“π’ 𝐀𝐍𝐃 π–π„πˆπ†π‡π“:
52x36.5x21.9cm / 20.4x14.3x8.6"
1.15 KG / 2.35 lb

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