Thursday, Kim’s life is a cluster, and Thrifty Thursday

Thursday, Kim’s life is a cluster, and Thrifty Thursday


WHY?  WHY?  WHY? do I try and plan? I had such high hopes for yesterday.  I had my list.  I had it under control. Meat was thawed, things were set out.  My sewing was lined up.  It was going to be a good day.

The first dress I cut, I did not have thread to match, that is okay put it to the side.  Next dress, I got that cut, and serged and hemmed and ready to press and Hubs notifies me via txt that the Orofino missionaries  are back home so they are not able to come to dinner and that is okay the other 4 will show. 

 You never have to worry about those boys turning down food.  So the other 4 elders contact me and they have replaced the Orofino group with another set of missionaries that were local.  Again who is going to turn down a free dinner cooked by someone else?  Not this group, they are very resourceful, they watch out for each others stomach's.  Only problem we have to feed 8 instead of 7 again Kim can roll with that.

  But the caveat is they all have to attend a meeting that starts at 5. SO they can eat at 4?  It is now 2 and I have a couple more hours of sewing ahead of me and Hubs is up on the hill with the grandkids so I don't have an assistant. But that is okay he can probably hit the house by 4 and he can start the grill and the outside cooker.  Well at 3 no hubs and I am sweating and panicking, as the hoard will descend within the hour.  I had 10 lbs of potatoes to peel, 10 ears of corn to shuck, and both had to be cooked.  Then I had cantaloupe to cut. I had squash to slice and put in the oven. I realized that I had flunked basic home ec as I noticed that my vegetables and fruit were all in the same orange/yellow color palette.  Major fail. Hubs is running late......

I got the table set for 10, got the taties and corn onto boil, cut the cantaloupe, started the gravy, butter and milk in the microwave for the mashed taties,4 and still no hubs but the first set of missionaries arrive and they start the grill, then the next set arrive, and they are like locusts.  I had a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and one dug into that immediately, he had no shame.   Finally hubs arrives at about 4:10, I am getting ice water into glasses and all 9 of them troop in with the meat and they just start serving themselves from the kitchen.  I mean right out of the pots!  I did not put anything on the table except condiments.

Everyone just grabbed a plate off the table and served themselves out of the kitchen.  It worked, but I was a wreck.  They eat, they squabble,they eat some more, they all rise at the same time, they fly out the door and hubs and I are just sitting across from each other surrounds by dishes and laughing.  We left the mess and went out and got a cold soda.  That is how we deal with stress.

While I ran to Joanns to get thread and then to Lil sis's for a minute, Hubs started to clean the kitchen and had a good start on it when I got home.   I was just too wiped out to get anymore sewing done in the evening, so yesterday's list is now today's list.

Hubs just came home and said the Car needs new tires.  I love my life.  I really do, but sometimes I just, just.....

Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my spare change in my pig bank

2. saved all my $5 bills now up to $1500.00

3. saved a $1,$5,$10,$20 bill

4. saved money in my 100 envelope challenge

5. found .18 cents this week, three pennies, a dime and a nickle

6. used coupons at Joanns, plus took advantage of buy 3 thread get 2 free

7. bought cantaloupe for .19 a pound and a loss leader at Albertsons that is it for groceries, for this week and last.

8. cooked all meals at home with food stocks

9. filled up car at cheapest gas station in town and that is getting harder to find.

10. picked squash, onions,peppers and cucumbers from the garden.

11.Stayed out of stores and places where I am tempted to spend money

Well I need to get to work, as I have two days of work to do instead of one.

Have any of you had to move up a timeline when it comes to cooking and about blown a gasket?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


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