Sheridan’s birthday with Veggie Fajitas!!

Sheridan’s birthday with Veggie Fajitas!!

My best friend Sheridan had a birthday on Sunday, and she just happened to be in Jonesboro, where I was visiting my parents, the Saturday before. Sheridan and I have been BFFs since 8th grade, and her parents still live in Jonesboro too. My parents are moving away from my hometown very soon (see yesterday's post!), so I was there saying goodbye to my childhood home. Sheridan was there visiting her family. But she and her husband Drew made time to meet up with me for a quick birthday dinner! 

They also wanted to say goodbye to my parents' house because Sheridan spent much of her teen years hanging out there. We took SO MANY important photos over the years in front of my parents' fireplace (prom pics, Halloween pics, videos of impromptu fashion shows ...). So we staged a photo shoot in front of the fireplace and around the house. This was one of my favorite outtakes. 

And here we are outside my parents' house.

After they visited with my parents a bit, we headed to Kandela Grill, our favorite Mexican restaurant in Jonesboro. I started with a margarita (it was happy hour!) and chips and salsa.

We love Kandela because they have the best Veggie Fajitas! They have so many veggies! I love that they include carrots and cauliflower. So often, Mexican places offer boring veggie fajitas with just peppers and onions.

I cannot vouch for whether or not the beans and rice that come with the fajitas are vegan. You just never know! But we three split one order of the fajita veggies, and that was more than enough food! We couldn't even finish all the veggies!

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