Pork Roll Breakfast Sandwich {New Jersey Inspired}

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So on a trip to New Jersey I was introduced to these amazing breakfast sandwiches. I was told New Jersey has the best breakfast sandwiches and bagels and that I had to try one. When I took that first bite I surprised that it was so much flavor packed into that sandwich. What made the sandwich was the Taylor Pork Roll also known as Taylor ham. It is found around New York and New Jersey which is where it was created. So when I returned home I wanted that taste so I created my own version.

[taylor ham picture captured from google]

What you need

  • Bagel or Kaiser roll
  • Jelly
  • Virginia Ham or Taylor ham
  • American cheese
  • Egg cooked over easy


  • Toast bagel
  • Grill ham
  • Cook eggs over easy ( runny yolk )
  • Add jelly and cheese to toasted bagel
  • Place ham and egg on the bagel
  • Eat!

It was that simple enjoy your sandwich and leave me a comment

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