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Welcome to Halloween Spookytown! Here the chainsaw killers harvest candy corn from the creepy abandoned fields as eerily cheerful children run from deserted house to deserted house ransacking them for full-sized candy bars. That said, we still need our vitamins, so we also eat pumpkins. Here are a few of our favorite recipe books.

20774886Cooking with Pumpkin: Recipes That Go Beyond the Pie by Averie Sunshine

You might know the author’s blog. Now she has a line of cookbooks, and this is the best one of the bunch. (Probably.) Pretty much the entire lineup is cakes, candies, muffins, and the like. Also, there are pumpkin spice drinks and instructions on how to make pumpkin spice. This is the best part of the book. In Halloween Spookytown we wean the children on pumpkin spice.

46742277. sy475 Healthy and Flavorful Pumpkin Cookbook: The Best Pumpkin Recipes for Pumpkin Lovers by Molly Mills

This is a healthier option than the last crowd-pleaser of a cookbook, which means that there is broccoli in it. Nothing is scarier than a Halloween without broccoli! Green bean and pumpkin salad also features, as does the ever-lovin’ black bean and pumpkin bake. Lot of legumes and green stuff in this one. You’ll love it if you’re one of those people who trick or treats for UNICEF.

Cover image for The pumpkin cookbook :The Pumpkin Cookbook: 139 Recipes Celebrating the Versatility of Pumpkin and Other Winter Squash by DeeDee Stovel

The prettiest of pumpkin pictures meets the most useful of pumpkin culinary direction, viz a viz how to cook a pumpkin in a microwave. And here you thought that pumpkin would be a chore! You also can and should grill pumpkin, both on your Weber and in the interrogation room. Wipe that smug grin off its face. It’s in your house now.

29608067. sx318 Pumpkin It Up! by Eliza Cross

Woot! Raise the roof! It’s pumpkin time! If you’ve got it, flaunt it, shake it, and put a pumpkin in it. Interestingly, this same author also wrote a book called 101 Things To Do With A Pickle, and as a result, all of the pumpkin-based ingredients in Pumpkin It Up! can be replaced with pickles. (I assume.) A word to the wary: it does sometimes rely on frankenfood like those buttermilk biscuits that come in a tube and sit next to the eggs at the store, like that makes any sense. But after all, this is Halloween Spookytown, and we’re here for the horror. Just don’t read the label or it’ll get too real.

Cover image for Purely pumpkin :Purely Pumpkin: More Than 100 Seasonal Recipes to Share, Savor, and Warm Your Kitchen by Allison Day

Who knew there were so many different kinds of heirloom pumpkins? You need to collect them. Sample them all. From the American Tonda to the Yokohama, they will grace your home. No orange conformists here! This book is about pumpkin appreciation – nay, pumpkin love. Although it details the many varieties of edible pumpkins on this side of our mortal coil, a large part of the book is about drinks. A surprisingly small number of them use any actual pumpkin and most of this subset of recipes are for pumpkin spice lattes. Oh well. Our love for pumpkin is a complicated creature.

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