5 Home Projects for Kids during Summer

5 Home Projects for Kids during Summer

Summer is fast approaching. Time to get your trunks and swimsuits on and enjoy the beach and the waterparks. But, oh wait! The pandemic is still not over and you just don’t want to risk everything just for a little fun. So, you’ll just leave the thought and stay at home.

Yet, you might think that staying at your house is just so boring. You can do all the social media that you want but nothing just seems right than having fun together with your family and friends. Well, you can always think of thousands of ways to do something fun at home. During summer, you can do all the projects that you want like making your home more beautiful --- well, decorating your homes can be fun too!

From your sheets, ornaments, and your curtains, there’s so much you can do for your home. You can even search for design ideas on the web and you’ll be all set. But one recommendation: always be resourceful.

Above-ground pool

You can still go swimming without even leaving home; an above-ground pool might just do the trick. One thing that you need to consider when buying your above-ground pool is to buy those with strong materials. You can have steel frames, an inflatable, or you can even hire your construction buddies and have them build a concrete or wooden above-ground pool. You can also set your barbecue station on one side, and get your outdoor chairs moving so you’ll feel like you’re still on vacation. Have the fun started without even leaving your vicinity anymore.

Get the water splashing and your inflatables pumped up while having a few beers and a fun outdoor grill right in your backyard!

Decorate your home

One sought-of interior design nowadays is to go minimal. When you want all the hands in your homes to get going, have your living rooms turned upside down; rearrange, redecorate, and even change your window covers. You can set aside bulky ornaments and just leave your essentials in place; a chair, a table, and a fluffy carpet can do just fine. For your curtains, you can change them into something lightweight, like cotton fabrics, or better yet change them into roman blinds. Roman blinds are also good at controlling light, and you can now have different fabrics for them according to the design that you want. The choice is just endless.


When you have kids at home, they usually turn to their phones and iPads when they get bored. When this happens, have their screens on time out and let them be creative.

You can use old tissue rolls, paint them, and get their hands dirty with paint. This can turn into a lovely organizer for their pens, your house keys, or might as well turn them into your kitchen essentials holder. By this, you’ll let their creative side grow even more, and you’ll be amazed how artistic they can get while letting them have your home essentials organized. Additionally, they can also turn old boxes into a makeshift robot, a cardboard airplane, and a little tent if they would like.

Just make sure to help them use the cutter for safer art fun.

The Mini Garden

If you have a front lawn that seems too boring, you can have your indoor mini-garden set and let your families enjoy the mud.

You can buy plants like basil, aloe vera, and herbs. These plants are easy to plant, low maintenance, and can even be used in the kitchen when fully grown. Teach your families to be resourceful, environment friendly, and practical at the same time. Having a mini-garden with a purpose might be time-consuming, but you will be happy with how it will turn out as they fully bloom into something you can use every day. Apart from this, your homes will also be breathable as plants usually generate oxygen. Just remember to tell them to water the plants as much as possible, and have the environmental-friendly side grow within your family.

Bedroom statement wall

When your walls are just painted plain without any art at all, they can appear bland. Just as we know it, we can always choose to funk up our bedroom with a statement wall.

You can let your kids choose the art and style that they want for their bedroom wall, but remember to paint only one corner of the wall. You can have designs in stripes, abstract art, or even patterns so your family’s bedroom walls can have more life to them. One thing to consider when painting your walls is to choose the side of your bed, or the wall fronting it; do not paint on the side. Statement walls can also make your room look wider, fresher, and lovelier which you can definitely appreciate for days.

Get your paintbrushes ready and bring your walls into life!

Got more ideas? It’s time to give them a go this summer!

K Elizabeth xoxox

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