12 Ingenious Ideas to Turn Your Garden into a Paradise

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It is so nice to spend afternoons and evening with friends or family, having barbecues in the garden. To make the atmosphere there even nicer and your garden even cosier, have a look at a bunch of tricks that will make your garden your favourite place on this planet.
These ideas will catch on with people loving ecology, fresh air and interesting inspirations!

#1 A perfect hammock for anyone keen on relaxation and comfort outdoors.


#2 Outdoor cinema in your own garden– isn’t it nice? A few cushions, a projector, a wall or a sheet stretched somewhere and that is everything you need to invite your friends to watch a film together.


#3 A grill table. Sit down, cook something, taste the food, eat and talk near the fire.


#4 A live green wall – reduces noise pollution, produces oxygen and looks amazing.


#5 Are you going to throw a party outside? Hang some battery-powered bulbs or lanterns.


#6 Put floating tea lights into a jar to give your balcony or terrace a cosy touch.


#7 The rain wall will cool you down and the sound will calm your nerves.


#8 A fairy-tale tent. Put some blankets, cushions and light inside to create wonderful atmosphere.






#9 What about gleaming energy-saving stones. It will make your garden feel magical.


#10 Pergolas always work. The more refreshing shade they give, the better!


#11 This simple installation of a watering can and light will astonish your neighbours.


#12 A garden igloo cooling you in the summer and keeping you warm in the winter is worth your attention, too.


Which one did you like the most? Honestly, I would love to have at least a few of them in my garden.

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