When starting a business –no matter how big or small- you need to go in with a plan

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Many entrepreneurs come up with a brilliant idea but struggle in delivering their message to the right audience.

This happens because they’re too focused on sales strategies and lead generation rather than getting their word out. By being “too-salesy” in their efforts, these businesses drive away their potential clientele.

Blogging is your entryway to speaking with the outside world and contacting potential clients. It allows you to share your perspective on things and demonstrate you’re familiarity with the industry.

Once your startup blog starts to grow, it will offer plenty of benefits.

Let’s dig in.

1. Increases your understanding of what customers need 

Blogging opens a channel of communication with potential customers. It can give you significant data on what the client is truly searching for. And based on that data, you can create a more effective marketing strategy.

When it’s done right, blogs have the potential of constructing a community with highly-engaged members. Put your brand at the centre of it and you have a sure-fire way of inspiring customer loyalty.

2. Makes you an authority on business

Having a range of blog posts that discuss issues, patterns and difficulties in the industry make your business seem reliable. You can either give your platform to in-house professionals or invite industry leaders to communicate their expertise. In both cases, your business will gain authenticity in the eyes of the readers.

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Many companies use blogs to document case studies and industry-related research work.

For instance, EMUCoupon is a startup that distributes coupons for a variety of products. They’ve accumulated fascinating stats related to their industry in a blog about digital coupon redemption. You’ll find similar examples across the digital realm.

3. Brings in organic traffic

Blogging is considered as a vital part of the content marketing strategy by innumerable startups. Not only does it drive organic traffic to their websites- it brings in traffic that’s relevant to their niche.

Since blogging does not require heavy investment, it’s perhaps the biggest tools startups have in their armoury.

Frequent blog posts can help any business develop an audience at a rapid speed. Once your blog gets ranked by search engines like Google and Bing, the floodgates of visitors open up.

4. Promotes your product or service

Along with influencer marketing, blogging is one of the most effective of promoting your service or product. However, your offer should be presented as a solution. If you illustrate this solution through images and video, its impact on the visitor will be extra-ordinary.

5. Has a lifetime value

A good blog entry can be a gift that keeps on giving, drawing in visitors for a great length of time. Many sites have seen a portion of their earlier blog entries keep on getting a larger number of hits than their latest post.

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This could be because of their higher ranking on search engines or the topic becoming relevant again due to some development. In any case, when blogs are timeless, they give long-term rewards.

6. Helps in sticking out

Every day, a big number of sites and Facebook pages pop up and despite how amazing they’re designed or how great the solution they offer is- they don’t stand apart. The standard website with a simple “about us” and “services” pages doesn’t cut it anymore in the ever-competitive online environment.

This is where having a well-maintained blog will make you immediately stand out. It gives the website an added aesthetic appeal and creates a space where your visitors can gain useful information. Suffice to say, this is a win-win scenario.

7. Can bring investment

Many startups have an exceptional pitch package for investors but they struggle in its advertisement. If this document is featured prominently on their blog through a sidebar widget, more visitors will see the pitch and some might even be enticed to invest in the startup.

8. Motivates your staff

A functioning blog journal can be an extraordinary method to produce enthusiasm among the staff. If you let employees speak out in the blog section, it will re-establish that their company values them.

But you will need to let them demonstrate their expertise in a particular field. Let your developers write on the latest tools and quirks. It will be a great confidence booster for them as their knowledge gets shared around the world.


Blogging has plenty of benefits for startups. It helps you understand the market, increase your authenticity and brings in organic traffic. More so, blogging lets you promote a product or service without being too direct.

Although growing your startup blog will take some time and effort, it will reap incomparable benefits in the long-run.

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