When designing and building a house it’s great to find ways to not just fulfill the requirements presented by the client but also to find a way to integrate the structure into the surrounding vernacular

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Sometimes these two elements include one another and everything comes together seamlessly and naturally. One such example is a project completed in 2019 by studio Jaime Sepulcre Bernad. 

The house is very open towards the South while maintaining a closed facade towards the street
They were approached in regards to a residence to be built in Elche, Spain. The team came up with a plan to blend elements of modern architecture with details inspired by the local rural houses. Also, given the location, a strong Mediterranean influence was added to everything. The result is this gorgeous house with its white walls, clean and crisp geometry and strong relationship to the outdoors. It’s a Mediterranean patio house with a twist. 

The U-shaped floor plan wraps around a courtyard with a large patioThe interior is very bright thanks to the white walls and light wooden floors
It’s not a particularly large house but its 299 square meters of living space are organized in a way that feels very open and airy. The layout has a slightly asymmetrical U shape with the main entrance placed at the center. A clear distinction is made between the common and the private areas of the house and they’re separated on opposite sides of the entrance hall. 

The slanted ceiling adds a modern twist to the design and gives the house character
Even so, they remain closely connected through the courtyard. The entryway is really cool because it doesn’t open into any of the rooms but rather has a view of the courtyard and a connection to the outdoors. In the social area a white kitchen is connected to a chic dining area with a round pedestal table and to a seating area. The floor plan continues and wraps around the courtyard, forming a large covered patio with rocking chairs and a connection to the swimming pool. 

The innermost section of the courtyard is framed by full-height glass wallsFrom the street the house appears very simple and has a mysterious lookIn the kitchen the white cabinetry blend perfectly with the white wall behind itThe patio is mostly covered but also has a section that’s open to the sky which lets the sunlight into the houseThe common areas are and the private rooms are on opposite end of the house, divided by the interior courtyardA casual dining area fills the space between the kitchen and the living roomThe social areas are very freely and seamlessly connected to the outdoors through the sliding doorsThe pillars that support the patio roof are made of metal and very lender and non-intrusive
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