Wall Succulent Planter Made from Recycled Metal, Made in USA by andrewsreclaimed

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23.00 USD

Surprise your guests with an inviting array of bright wall planters and fresh green succulent plants. Use to decorate your entryway, office, bedroom, bathroom, anywhere you would like a dash of green color and cool metal.

Minimal design and rustic weathered metal might complement a range of decor styles.

Made from repurposed pipe, and we cleaned it up by inserting it in a holder on a drill and polished away all sharp edges. The bottom is outfitted with a perfect disk of cedar wood, glued in place and caulked.

Theres a small hole in the back top, through which a screw and anchor, or nail, both included, can be used to attach the planter to your wall.

Succulent plants are easy to care for. Add a bit of gravel to the bottom third, add your plant, and sand or fine gravel/soil mix around the plants root ball to nest it. Water occasionally but lightly.

We dont include a plant, so you can use your favorite 2 or 3 potted succulents at a home center or florist.

3 wide x 3 tall

Made in USA


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