Ventilation is key in super hot climates, which is exactly why the perforated cobogo block was dreamed into existence back in the 1920

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s. Based on wooden muxarabis, these are an inheritance of Arab culture, and so make a poetic twist in this monolithic elevation redesign in Funaitees, Kuwait. Created by Bab.nimnim Design Studio, the 400 square metre Cobogo house contains a luxurious interior, with an uplifting range of accent colours and modern art. The construction openings throw beautiful light play over a myriad of unique area rugs and double height crisp white walls, whilst the open interior spaces enjoy a second layer of privacy behind added screens.

Photographer: Mohammad Taqi  

Red cobogo blocks and pigmented concrete volumes set this house apart from its brutalist neighbour. The eye is drawn around an energetic display of architectural creativity that teases the imagination as to what could lay inside.

A towering front entrance hints at the impressive proportions that shape the main living space within its walls. An equally tall panel of decorative blocks is set back from the outermost facade, as though it were a colossal sliding screen hauled back.

Another of these colossal illusions is situated on the opposite side of the build next to car parking space. The visually permeable bricks create a fluid transition between the outside and inside the villa, whilst also providing shade and privacy from the street facing elevation.

The patterned perforations form an alluring feature behind planters at the front of the house, where they seem to expand and break in pixelated bursts. A set of concrete steps stagger up to the doorstep, lit by inlaid LEDs.

The play between solid and penetrable planes highlights the villa’s rigid form.

Fun fact: The cobogo name derives from the last initial of each of its creators: Amadeu Oliveira Coimbra, Ernesto August Boeckmann and Antônio de Góis.

Sunlight dances over the luxury living room, interacting with an extraordinary pixelated rug design. An inner screen protects the lounge from the outer elements and the noise of the street.

A royal blue accent chair pulls out the rug’s soft blue background colour.

Modern art adds in splashes of hot pink and cuts of green that complement the indoor plant life.

A unique rug and a sculptural table have been teamed up with the artwork to fashion an intriguing corner in the vast open plan.

Mature indoor plants continue to grow a freshness around the other half of the living space, and draw the eye up to crisp white double height walls.

Behind the lounge, solid white screens slide away to reveal the formal dining room and a private pool terrace.

A large planter decorates the bifold doorway onto the pool.

The freestanding bookcase is dwarfed in the lofty space. Furniture is pared back and curated with attention to colour play and shape continuity.

A round rug and circular side tables complement the outline of an oversized chair.

Skylights give the poolside sitting room an outdoor essence.

With the bifold door retracted, the pool patio becomes an extension of the home.

Stepping stones cross the water to a square deck, building a courtyard that connects living spaces on each side.

A waterfall feature rushes in, creating a soothing soundtrack for the home.

Two outdoor chairs fashion a terrace lounge.

Teal pigmented concrete tiles boldly pattern the dining space.

The geometric tile follows on through into the open hallway of the home, cutting around a curvaceous balustrade design.

Smooth grey units softly shade the back of the bright ultra modern kitchen space. Stainless steel integrated appliances add sheen, whilst countertop appliances pop in notes of basic black.

A wire frame fruit bowl drops a dark accent onto a chunky white island countertop.

Black kitchen bar stools pick out the black elements from the unusual floor tile, and darkly contrast against the cool grey and white kitchen island.

An elevator is on hand to assist the ascent to the next floor, or you can take the scenic route up the stairs.

Hues of antique rose and powdery mauve cover an L-shaped modular sofa arrangement and a set of modern lounge chairs. A rectangle coffee table and linear floating tv stand balance out the sugary tones with slices of natural timber.

The lounge chairs dip their toes onto the edge of an area rug that gives peaceful pause from the busy tile surround.

A great glass wall exposes the upstairs lounge room to the home’s stunning cobogo facade.

A custom front door places warm wood tone within a solid concrete entryway, where a well placed skylight gives the piece dramatic effect. A small entryway bench hangs out in the cool shade.

Glass balustrades allow the cobogo to dominate without obstruction.

A first floor balcony and large windows all look down upon the central courtyard and its inviting blue plunge pool. The void allows and encourages social interaction between family members over different levels of the unique home.

Open walkways ventilate the passage around the house. A pergola style canopy filters direct sunlight.

Natural light leaks into the home in changing ways with the seasons, weather and time of day. By night, artificial light exits the walls perforations like a beautiful lantern, which flickers with the shadows of its owners.

Layered modules ensure privacy, and add components of shadow pattern to the interior.

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