Two Black Interiors That Show Dark Decor In a Great Light

Two Black Interiors That Show Dark Decor In a Great Light

These two black home interiors show dark decor in a great light. It can be tricky to bring a shadow palette to life, but these designs are filled with inspiration on how to achieve the look with great panache. Charcoal grey and solid black walls create a rich backdrop with a dramatic quality. Black furniture emerges subtly from the shadows, elegantly highlighted by the light from large windows. Indoor plants uplift the first moody interior design with a lush green accent and explosions of texture. In our second featured home interior, rich brown accents bring added warmth to the modern matt black decor scheme. Wildly veined black and brown marble slabs introduce a stunning pattern.

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A grey ceiling caps our first dark living room decor scheme, creating a cocoon of restful shade. A soft black sofa runs through the centre of the open plan layout, solidly dividing the lounge from a home office area. See more ideas for a black couch living room.

The small sectional sofa rests on a light grey rug, which lays a plush texture underfoot. A round coffee table punctuates the centre of the space with another matt black accent.

The living room layout has an L-shaped formation, in which the kitchen is tucked away around the corner from the sociable sitting area.

A chic Eames style lounge chair reclines in front of a dark wood-clad TV wall. A slab of beautifully veined white marble adds a moment of light relief that magnetically draws the eye.

An indoor planter houses an abundance of greenery next to the home office area. The natural interlude brings a fresh green accent colour and wonderful texture.

Cube shelves store office paraphernalia in the black home office. A display of decorative items creates a pleasing visual for the rest of the living space.

The black desk is softly curved around its edges to soften the aesthetic.

The home workspace faces toward the sofa, which opens up social interactions. It also looks onto the TV wall so that the user can enjoy idle background entertainment.

A thick marble countertop juts out from the kitchen nook, creating an attractive dining bar. Four modern bar stools line up around its sleek edges.

Next to the kitchen faucet, a glass fruit bowl holds a harvest of colour on the white marble countertop.

The white marble countertops are complemented by a matching backsplash around the hob. The marble slabs encase the entire focal nook with dramatic black veining.

The extractor is set into the underside of the wall cabinets to achieve a streamlined, minimalist aesthetic. Black integrated appliances blend with the dark cabinets.

In the bedroom, black upholstered panels are banked to construct a bespoke floor-to-ceiling headboard design. White marble bedside units add bright highlights to the scheme.

Smoked glass screens enclose an ensuite bathroom.

The partition wall at the foot of the bed is also the lounge TV wall. The decorative white marble panel on the TV mount wraps around into the bedroom to form a luxe feature in the sleep space too.

Tiny wall sconces fit discreetly into a framework around the upholstered headboard.

Inside the glass-walled ensuite bathroom, a unique bathtub emerges from the shadows.

A backlit bathroom mirror sets an atmospheric mood over a fabulous marble vanity unit.

An integrated sink beds into the smooth white marble countertop.

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In our second black home interior, linear outlines cut crisply through the layout to create an edgy aesthetic. A sectional sofa threads a warm brown accent through the black and grey decor scheme.

Grey scatter cushions dress the couch to tie it in with the cool grey and black surroundings.

A grey area rug adds an island of cool colour onto the wood laminate floor treatment.

Over beside the window, a pair of lounge chairs, a coffee table, and a floor lamp make up a conversational area.

The living room focal wall is adorned with wildly veined black and brown marble slabs.

The stone panels introduce stunning pattern around a modern fireplace and a wall-mounted TV.

The bright marble veining complements the flickering flame in the contemporary fireplace.

Behind the lounge area, a sculptural installation of dining room pendant lights descends dramatically over a round pedestal dining table. The black suspension lights and four modern black dining chairs form eye-catching silhouettes against full-height windows.

Pale marble countertops and a coordinating backsplash lighten up the black kitchen. A pair of modern kitchen bar stools fetch in the warm brown accent colour.

Wooden bowls and chopping boards add tonal brown accents onto the pale kitchen countertops.

A marble sink elegantly merges into the stone worktop.

Copper kitchenware shines brightly from a column of open kitchen shelving. The backlit shelves and metallic accents stand out brilliantly against the black backdrop.

In the home entryway, a clothing rail is suspended from the ceiling to hold jackets, coats, and scarves.

A shoe storage bench fills the floor space underneath the coat rack.

Inside the master bedroom, the headboard wall is clad with an array of smooth and textured panels. See more inspiration for black bedroom schemes.

A small partition wall separates the bed from a home workspace.

A brown reading lamp richly accessorises a dark grey bedside table.

Beside the window, a brown accent chair and floating bookshelves fashion a reading nook.

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