Tips For Moving In The Rain

Tips For Moving In The Rain

Moving day is always a stressful time, and when you add rain into the mix, it’s sure to complicate things. Here in Florida, we get lots of frequent and heavy rain, so it’s not unlikely you’ll encounter some wet weather on a moving day.

If you’re expecting a rainy day when it’s time to move, everything from wearing the right footwear, properly arranging your furniture, and having protective coverings can make all the difference in the world. 

Having the proper preparation and the assistance of professional movers will make all the difference. If your moving day is coming up and there’s a chance for rain, here are some pointers to keep you calm when it’s time to pack up and go.


Wear Rain Gear and the Right Shoes

Yellow raincoats hanging on a rack.

Wearing rain gear can make a rainy moving day easier and even more enjoyable. After all, the more comfortable you are, the easier your day will be.

The proper rain gear will keep you dry and comfortable as you move everything from your current house into your new home. To keep dry, the most essential thing to wear is a raincoat, jacket, or poncho. Wearing rain pants also helps keep your clothes clean and dry, especially if you’ll be lifting frequently. 

Next, make sure your feet are taken care of too.

Slip-resistant shoes are essential if you’re moving in the rain. Slipping is greatly reduced by wearing shoes with good traction. On moving day, you’ll spend a lot of time standing, lifting, and carrying heavy boxes. Wear supportive footwear to avoid foot pain from standing.

Once you’re sure you can stay dry during a move, it’s time to focus on protecting your belongings.


Protect Your Flooring and Belongings

The most important aspect of any move is that your belongings are properly cared for, including your home. 

With you and movers going in and out of the house, it’s inevitable that water will get tracked in. To protect your flooring, use cardboard or waterproof mats to cover all flooring so your flooring isn’t damaged or dirtied. This is a cost-effective way to keep your home dry and safe, and it will also help people walking in and out avoid slipping on wet hardwood or tile flooring.

When it comes to keeping your belongings safe, plastic sheets and garbage bags are an excellent tool. This is particularly useful when carrying clothes to and from the moving truck.

And don’t rely solely on your moving boxes to keep your items dry. Double check that your boxes are securely taped shut and even plastic wrapped to prevent any water from seeping in. 

This also prevents your boxes from falling apart or getting damaged during the move. 

Professional packing services will pack up all your belongings securely so you won’t have to worry if rain comes on the day of your move.

If you’re expecting rain on moving day, it’s also a good idea to keep towels, extra garbage bags, and extra boxes on hand.


Protect Your Furniture, Electronics, and Expensive Goods 

Movers wrapping a couch in plastic wrap to keep dry during a move.

For your more expensive or delicate items, extra precaution is needed when moving in the rain.

Like with smaller items and boxes, plastic bags or tarps can help keep your TVs, computers, and other electronics dry during the move. For extra protection from both rain and damage during transit, place your electronics in boxes wrapped in plastic.

Garbage bags, saran wrap, and bubble wrap also work great for covering artwork to keep it dry. 

If you have wooden furniture, it’s crucial that you keep it dry during a move. Moving tarps are not waterproof, and you don’t want your expensive furniture getting warped. Sheets and blankets are usually not heavy enough to keep water out, but heavy comforters are more efficient.


Work Safely and Efficiently When Moving In the Rain

There’s no reason to rush when you’re already dealing with rain. Not only will there be heavy boxes, but they may also be slippery. The spare towels you keep on hand can be used to dry boxes and bags when moving them to and from the truck as well as to keep your entryway dry.

An assembly line can be very helpful when moving in the rain so people aren’t having to walk back and forth, the distance is shorter between the house and the truck, and there’s a smaller chance of tracking mud around.

The most important thing about staying safe during a move is to keep your eye on the weather. When heavier rain is forecast, plan to be inside unpacking what’s already been moved if possible. If severe weather is forecast, do your best to postpone your move if possible. 


A Trusted Moving Company Is Your Best Tool For Moving In the Rain

The best tip for having a relatively stress-free moving day is to find the right moving company. A professional moving company will help make your move a breeze no matter the conditions because we’ve seen it all before.

If you’re moving in Orlando or the Central Florida area, Cento Moving is the partner you need.

We have the know-how and experience for residential and commercial moves as well as long-distance moves. We can help you move all of your belongings quickly and efficiently even in bad weather conditions, and we’ll treat your belongings with the utmost care. Plus, we provide insurance coverage as part of their services. 

Call us today to get an instant quote on your move and be ready for a stress-free moving day.

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