Three Stylish Home Designs With Unique Flair

Three Stylish Home Designs With Unique Flair

Modern style and unique flair shapes these three fresh home designs. Home concept number one features a light and airy decor scheme with atmospheric perimeter lighting and subtle blush pink accents. A modern tea room rounds out the living area with an elegant aesthetic. A small staircase courtyard design adds a flash of revitalising greenery. Our second home tour takes place in a curvaceous interior, where rounded wall and ceiling panels reshape the space. Finally, we’ll visit an olive green-accented home interior, where curved sofas create a round living room setting. A compact home office design demonstrates how small proportions can deliver impressive results and a commanding presence.

Visualizer: Lanteng Tiangong Zhu Tingting  

In our first featured home design, a pink perspex coffee table forms an eye-catching focal point. A colourful accent chair complements the unique table design and adds heat to a predominantly white decor scheme.

A white modular sofa separates the lounge area from a tea room design.

The modern kitchen is linked with a formal dining area. A set of clear chairs bring in a translucent pink accent hue.

The base of the modern dining table shimmers with a satin gold finish.

A modern staircase design is brightly illuminated around the base treads, which creates a floating effect.

A small courtyard nestles into the side of the staircase. The living greenery adds an uplifting aura to the pale room.

In the master bedroom, a channel tufted bed is complemented by a headboard with a vertically routed design. An LED ribbon highlights the edge of the piece. A contemporary pendant light drops reading light over the pillows. See more ideas for bedroom pendant lights.

The second double bedroom has a sweet pink and white decor scheme. A curvaceous perimeter gently embraces a soft upholstered bed.

The tea room design comes to life with a pair of unusual stools and a wall of backlit shelving.

Visualizer: 蔚然成风7  

Our second stylish home design features a curved ceiling detail with atmospheric accent lighting. A textured living room rug softens a concrete floor.

A globe living room pendant light provides task lighting to the sofa. A small side table displays a set of modern decorative vases.

Behind the sofa, a short wall is fashionably textured with slatted panels. A bearbrick figure stands on an affixed shelving tower, looking out over the peaceful living room.

A curved TV wall echoes the rounded ceiling detail.

Unique chairs and a modern coffee table round out the living room furniture arrangement.

The open plan lounge flows into the kitchen diner. A linear suspension light burns brightly above a kitchen island and dining table combo.

The bedroom is a generously proportioned space with a large dressing area and home workspace.

A large bedroom rug helps to define the sleep space from the desk area.

Bookshelves are fitted into the storage units beside the desk. Wardrobes stretch across the wall behind. The desk doubles as a dressing table when required.

The second double bedroom is smaller than the master. However, there is still plenty of room for a desk/dressing table by the window.

The final bedroom is a child’s room. Pale yellow accents add a playful touch of colour. The kids’ rug brings a novelty globe design.

Visualizer: Zichao Luo  

Our final featured home design receives a dose of rich olive green, in the shape of a curved sofa.

A second curved sofa continues the shape theme on the other side of a round rug. A relaxed, cushiony lounge chair completes the circular furniture layout.

At the centre of the living room, a round marble coffee table creates a luxurious core.

The TV wall is lavishly clad in floor-to-ceiling marble, which expands around the living room doorway.

The marble cladding adds a textured grey accent to the pale decor scheme.

A contemporary tea room design is furnished with a minimalist table design, a unique bench, and modern stools. Smooth storage units are built-in around the perimeter of the room to keep the space streamlined and free from visual clutter.

A small home office is beautifully decorated with a deeply textural stone feature wall. A set of suspension shelves are installed in front of the stone focal wall to hold a curation of books and decorative items. A cognac desk chair warms the cool grey and white decor scheme.

In the formal dining room, a circular ceiling feature reflects the outline of a round dining table. A stone statement wall makes a textural focal point.

The narrow U-shaped kitchen is fitted with an array of fresh white cabinets, which visually widens the space. A grey backsplash adds depth.

The hallway is bestowed with wonderful curves. Wood panels are shaped into a rounded alcove beside the front door. LED strip lights accentuate the captivating detail.

In the modern kid’s room, an entire wall is dedicated to storage for toys, books, and clothing.

An arched alcove is fashioned into the wall of storage to create a cosy kids’ reading nook. The opposite side of the play space features a backlit circular nook with a mesmerising moon mural inside.

The master bedroom is a highly tailored space with fitted wardrobes and edge-to-edge wall panelling. A bespoke window seat slots in seamlessly across the remaining wall.

A greige ​​platform bed is dressed with a matching comforter and bed throw.

The third bedroom is a split-level design, with a floor bed design laid on the platform floor.

The final bedroom is a shared kids’ room with a glass wall ensuite bathroom. See more ideas for shared kids’ rooms.

A covered balcony area is converted into a laundry room design.

In the home entryway, a modern pedestal sink provides a convenient wash area.

The bathroom is a luxurious space with marble wall cladding. Two ceiling-mounted bathroom mirrors descend gracefully in front of the marble backsplash.

More stunning grey marble encases the shower space design.

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