The other day Free and Cheap had a conversation with the stairway about my fall entry.

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They were talking about fall decorating ideas.

Have you ever met Free or Cheap before?


They are so cute and so—well—so irresistible.

We are BFF’s.

The discussion was all about how to decorate for free. See here’s the thing. I’ve losing weight and buying new clothes (you can see my unboxing video here) and I didn’t have a lot of spare change left over for fall decor.

So instead?

I went all free and cheap and came up with simple, easy ideas to decorate the front entryway.

The conversation started with these metal leaves I found in the bottom of a fall tub.

Well….actually… all started with an idea for these mirrors.

An idea I came up with to add a little fall going up the stairs.

Which inspired the fall entryway conversation.

Between some pumpkins, a throw, some fall leaves and a whole lot of Free and Cheap.

Top Five Ways To Decorate With Free and Cheap
(1)  Tuck leaves into pictures

See these stems?

I had a vase of them in the living room.

I needed some fall on the mirrored staircase, so I just tucked a few leaves behind the mirrors on the stairs.

I love the texture that it adds and it took about five minutes.

(2)  Mix up your textures

See the velvet next to paper?

It makes both surfaces look fancy.

Here are a few more of my favorite combinations:

reclaimed wood and wool
birch bark and concrete
jute and vintage patina
woven baskets and metal

And on and on and texture mixing on. The key is to pair two different things together in your decorating.

(3)  Add a throw

Okay. I know what you are thinking.

Hello Captain Obvious. Everyone knows to add a throw.

And you would be right.

Well, everyone, but me. I’ve decorated this entryway for three years and never knew how to add a little pattern to the space.

Until I decided to toss a throw from the family room over the bench.

See how that simple decorating idea makes such a big difference.

(4)  Find places to add pumpkins

The key to this space?

There are pumpkins everywhere.

I’ve stacked them in this wire basket to create a topiary
I’ve put them on the stairs
I’ve added them to stacks of books
I’ve put them at the end of the bench
I’ve filled a basket at the bottom of the stairs with overflowing pumpkins

Never underestimate the power of the pumpkin.

(5)   Decorate your bookcases and hutches

You know all the little things and thrift store finds you collect over the years that don’t really have a home?

Let them shine on the bookcases.

My sister made me these felted acorns years ago.

I tuck them inside the hutch in the entry along with mini pumpkins and pinecones and other small fall decor items.

The entryway is finished.

And the best part?


Life is good.

But let’s give credit where credit is due.

Stand back and high-five Free and Cheap…..

…..after all this entryway would be nothing without them

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