The Calming Effects Of Light & Relaxed Interior Design

The Calming Effects Of Light & Relaxed Interior Design

We all need a little more calm in our lives. Social media alerts are constantly pinging on our devices, demanding immediate attention. Work-life overspills into home life with no excuses or apologies. The world moves fast and never sleeps. The best we can do is to take control of our surroundings, to carve out a little piece of serenity to soothe tired eyes and minds. These two light and relaxed interior designs demonstrate how to take the noise and chaos out of our homes. Laconic white and wood colour palettes communicate only peace and restful balance. A combination of linearity and curves mould clean layouts that flow gently.

Visualizer: Jiajun Vision  

In our first calming home interior, a wood laminate floor treatment is laid bare of rugs in the TV lounge. The simple, minimalist aesthetic works to clear the mind. The soothing subtraction of clutter is matched by a serene white and wood colour scheme, which is both crisp and warm.

At the other side of the sofa, an area rug gives a conversational lounge area a soft and welcoming appeal. The double-sided modular sofa arrangement negotiates the space around an awkward structural support column in the room.

A round coffee table and a matching wooden side table pull texture toward the white modern sofa design.

A wooden sideboard is placed at a perpendicular angle to the living room wall, which creates a small divide across the home entryway. This furniture placement builds a divide both physically and mentally from the outside world. A decorative vase adds pleasant adornment.

In the short hallway that leads to the bedroom, a closet conceals a mini laundry room. Bifold doors provide easy access to the stacked washing machine and tumble dryer inside. LED strip lights offer bright task lighting.

A small sink is tucked into the remaining laundry space, providing a handy spot to tackle soaking and stain removal.

A living room floor lamp is set at one end of the modular sofa arrangement. It emits a soft ambient light whilst the homeowner relaxes in front of a TV show.

The open plan living room has an L-shaped layout. The kitchen and dining area is tucked around the corner out of plain view. A curvaceous partition wall floats in front of the kitchen, shielding it from the front door.

Inside the kitchen diner, a linear suspension light illuminates the length of an understated wooden dining table. A rattan bench introduces natural texture and tone.

A one wall kitchen maintains the minimalist flow of the living room. Open kitchen shelving displays a small selection of ceramics and kitchenware.

A white Smeg coffee machine and a simple white pitcher create an inviting drinks prep area at one end of the clean white corian countertop. Wooden cup hooks hang mugs within close reach.

Wooden dining chairs have a comfortable rounded back and a simple white seat.

A gleaming chrome kitchen faucet fills a stainless steel sink. Wooden chopping boards serve as naturally toned kitchen accessories.

Built-in wardrobes fill an entire wall between the front entry door and the kitchen diner. A small nook houses an entryway bench and convenient coat hooks.

The bedroom carries a white minimalist aesthetic with warming wooden accents. Recessed perimeter lighting washes down a plain white headboard wall, creating soft illumination over the pillows.

Beside the window, a small desk provides a quiet home workspace. At the other side of the bedroom, a small couch and side table make a comfortable reading nook.

Floating bedside units wing the bed. Their rounded corners aid an easy flow around the furniture.

Wall sockets and switches are cleanly colour-matched to the white walls to maintain the simple aesthetic.

A walk in wardrobe is lined with honey-coloured wooden units, creating a cocoon of visual warmth.

Visualizer: 森林空间  

Our second calm home interior offers a tailored aesthetic with elegant details. A round rug sets down a soft island for the open plan lounge area. A relaxed, brown sofa design looks irresistibly soft.

Behind the sofa, a glass wall kitchen shares natural light with the living room. The glazed walls visually open up the living space, even when the doors are closed to contain cooking smells and steam.

In front of the comfy couch, an oval coffee table is nested with a small round side table to form a layered look.

The living room dining room combo features a matching array of white cabinets across a built-in buffet area and the TV wall. Wood toned interludes break up the blank space.

Interior windows open up a connection between the dining room and a home office. A pair of dining room pendant lights gently illuminate the space.

Inside the workspace, mood lighting sets a peaceful working ambience.

The modern home office is equipped with an abundance of built-in cabinets to keep stressful clutter at bay.

A closet and backlit shelves neatly furnish the hallway.

The bedroom features a wood clad window nook, where a bespoke desk and window seat are tailored to the length of the room.

An elegant black lamp arcs over a beige and brown bed set to provide reading light.

A white panelled headboard mirrors a wall of white wardrobes.

Bookshelves and storage untis are built into the window area to achieve a streamlined aesthetic. A modern decorative vase holds an uplifting floral display to raise a smile each morning.

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