Rustic Fall Decor and Design Ideas to Beautify Your Home

Rustic Fall Decor and Design Ideas to Beautify Your Home

If you are thinking about redecorating your home to a more rustic theme, it’s best to go with rustic fall decor and design ideas. This type of decor is popular throughout the country, and many people have a similar theme in their homes. There are a few main items that make up this type of room decor. They include old-fashioned stuff, rough woods, and lots of wood paneling. In order to decorate your home with rustic style this fall, there are some ideas that you can try. We have gathered some rustic fall decor and design ideas. Furthermore, take a look at some ideas below.

Use Rustic Bucket for Harvest Arrangement

Fall is the best season to display your harvest. You can show off your harvest this season and use it as decorative items for your home at the same time. Such as pumpkins, fruits, wheat, corn, and many more. But is there anything more beautiful and aesthetic than using a rustic bucket to display everything? Yes, it is. The rustic bucket is the best container to display your harvest. Besides being able to create an aesthetic look, this is also a simple way to decorate your home in rustic style. No need to buy a new bucket. All you have to do is just use an old bucket in your home. Arrange your harvest there and be ready to enhance your home. The rust stain on the buckets is a good accent to strengthen the rustic vibe.


Cocoa grass, harvest squash, and cotton plants look great together in a rustic metal bucket. The bucket may look old and weathered, but you don’t have to worry about its safety. You can create a rusty, distressed effect in your own bucket with rust-colored paint. Complete with some white pumpkins and cotton flowers that will bring an autumn vibe to the room. Rustic metal bucket from homebnc.


Using a rustic bucket to place wheat crops and blooming flowers. This is a stylish room display that will grab the attention of many. Paired with reclaimed wood or shipping pallets is the perfect base for a large sign. This pile of white pumpkins will complete the eye-catching look. Placing this decor on the terrace of the house is a brilliant idea to welcome your guests. Rustic bucket from shelterness.

Rustic Fall Signs

Decorating a home in a rustic style wouldn’t be complete without a sign. Signs that are made from wood. You can complete your fall decoration with this item. You can make it by yourself or go to the store. If you decide to make it by yourself, just take a wooden board then make words or pictures that related to the fall season. You can paint it with the color that represents the fall. Make it as interesting as you can and then you can use it to decorate your front porch.


Wooden pumpkin signs will be dressing up your outdoor space in no time. If you are a DIY expert, you can paint a piece of wood and choose your own color, using the image above as inspiration you will create an attractive room decor and will welcome your guests during the fall season. Don’t forget to add some ornaments with autumn colors that will give a chic look to your patio decor. Wooden pumpkin signs from onekindesign.


Upgrade your entryway with some simple fall decorations, such as a rustic sign in shabby wood with the word “pumpkin” and a painting of a pumpkin. A harvest-themed monogrammed mat or floor rug will also add an eye-catching look to your fall design. Add a wreath to your door and some fall-themed accessories, like pumpkin art and light-fitting scones. Wooden fall sign from onekindesign.

Make Pumpkin Ornaments with Reclaimed Wood

Rustic decoration can’t be separated from the use of wood, especially reclaimed wood. Besides this is an effort to save materials that are no longer used, this is also a pocket-friendly decorating idea. With the existing materials, you can turn them into an interesting decoration items. In this case, you can turn reclaimed wood into pumpkin decorations to complement your fall decorations. You can paint it in white or orange colors. Your fall home decor will look more interesting with the rustic style.


It’s not just trick-or-treaters who will be looking at your patio this fall. The wooden palette is the basis for this season’s version of the classic symbol. Pumpkin and raffia leaves tied to the stems help give them a three-dimensional look. Placing pumpkins on the front porch will welcome your guests when fall arrives. Painting it with white will give a natural impression to the room. DIY Wooden pumpkin from homebnc.


With all the great ideas out there for making decorations out of reclaimed wood, this little pumpkin is one of the more adorable choices. It’s the perfect whimsical decor to display with a scarecrow or fabric ghost for a cozy homemade look on your table or TV stand. Making it yourself will create a low-budget space and give it a different look. Wooden pumpkin from homebnc.

Rustic Fall Centerpieces

Fall decoration is never completed without centerpieces. There are many themes of fall centerpieces ideas that you adopt. Why you don’t try to use a rustic style for your fall centerpiece ideas? It is a very simple and minimalist centerpiece idea but looks natural and aesthetic. All you need to do is just take a glass vase then fill it with a few fall branches and complete it with some mini pumpkins. Put them on the wooden tray or tree stump then it can be a perfect centerpiece. It looks simple but still with rustic nuance.


Harvesting fruits, vegetables, and other plants are very versatile because they don’t need to be displayed in a vase, and they often look better in wooden boxes. The distressed old chest of drawers as pictured is the perfect base for styling. Complete with a glass bottle and some sharks, this would look great in the center of a wardrobe. Rustic centerpieces from homebnc.


All you need are a few autumn branches in a clear vase to achieve this easy effect. Pairing the vase with some mini white pumpkins makes it the perfect centerpiece for this wooden tray. This is a great idea for a fall house that will look a little more modern but still with a rustic tinge. Placing these decorations on dining table centerpieces would be the perfect focal point of the room. Wooden tray centerpiece from homebnc.

Decorate the Porch with Crates

Don’t forget to decorate your porch. Fall porch without pumpkins and foliage is never be completed. It’s just that to decorate it in a rustic style, you only need to use crates as a place for the pumpkin. The unfinished and distressed look of the crates becomes the strongest rustic vibe on your fall porch decoration.


It’s true that most of these rustic fall decorating ideas include pumpkins and natural wood accents to complete the look of the room. Using a wooden crate to place some of these pumpkins will make your patio look more attractive and grab the attention of many people. Fall leaves in this vase add to the appearance of the room more attractive. Fall porch decoration with wooden crate from homebnc.


An apple crate makes a great surface for a simple drop setup. On top of the chest was a clean lantern with a white candle next to a tiny pumpkin. Colorful autumn leaves flowing down the sides of the chest bring added color to this simple décor. This sweet front door décor is a majestic minimalist design to accent the seasons so that it will welcome your guests for the fall season to come. Crate with pumpkin decor from homebnc.

When you are decorating a rustic-style room, there are certain things that you should always remember. First of all, keep the focal point of the room or rooms in mind; something that is functional but also adds a beautiful tone to the room. Look for something items that embrace rustic. These items will tie the room together and give it a beautiful natural feel this fall.

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