Need a Reset? Try a 30 Minute Quick Clean + Free Printable

Need a Reset? Try a 30 Minute Quick Clean + Free Printable

You know the days you feel like you need to do a quick reset but aren’t quite sure where to start? I have a system for that! I’ve broken down the tasks most homes need to do a little reset on into 3 categories: The Basics, Ambience, and Cleaning Extras. I find that using a checklist not only guides me, it keeps me on task.

Here’s the system I follow:

I start with The Basics. These are the main areas in the home and most noticeable if someone is dropping by or if things have gotten away from me a bit. If this is all I get to, that’s FINE!  If I have extra time or if I’m feeling like continuing, I move beyond the basics.


These tasks are a great starting (or ending) point. Work in this order for maximum efficiency.

  • pick up entryway
  • do a quick declutter on main level
  • vacuum/sweep noticeable dirt
  • wipe down kitchen counters & table
  • put dirt dishes in dishwasher or sink
  • put out clean kitchen towels
  • wipe down bathroom sinks
  • clean toilets
  • put out clean bathroom towels


Extra tasks that step up the reset up a notch, use these to start off your extras and feel free to add any others to the blank spots on the checklist.

  • wipe down mirrors
  • fluff pillows and arrange throw blankets
  • wipe off appliance fronts
  • quick dust


If you’re using this checklist before company comes over or just want to create a cozy atmosphere, check these things off the list.

  • light a candle or start a diffuser
  • turn on tabletop lights
  • turn on the music
  • adjust the thermostat

I put this 30 Minute Quick Clean into checklist form if you’d like to follow along. Come check out the updated Free Printable Library! Go to the free printables page, enter your email address ONE TIME and I’ll send you the password you can use to access the free printables page. If you already have the password, simple enter it, check out the updates.

I also have a whole section in the shop with printable kits designed to make your life easier. They’ve all been updated with the new color scheme AND they are all fillable so you can type in your own info or fill it out by hand. You can find them here in the shop.

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