I Feel Productive Today and if I Only Knew Why, I’d Be Rich

I Feel Productive Today and if I Only Knew Why, I’d Be Rich


I have accomplished nearly nothing since coming back from vacation a week and a half ago. Oh, I’ve seen most of my weekly clients. I’ve written three articles for Medium and two for News Break in June, and it’s only June 4th. But other than that? Bubkus. Until today.

My son and my sister wore me out in San Diego. I’m a lay on the beach kinda gal, not a hit all the tourist spots one. We even hit the San Diego zoo. The day before we came home. You try it and see how long it takes you to recover.

The apartment isn’t dirty, but neither is it clean. The clothes from my suitcase have left the suitcase, which is actually quite miraculous. I’ve been known to leave seasonal clothing in a suitcase until that season rolls around again. I once had most of my winter clothes, including coats, “stored” in the trunk of my car until needed.

The suitcase clothes are on the floor of my bedroom, in the dirty clothes hamper, or clean and waiting to be put away. So, hey, I did wash one load.

The point is, It took over a week and a half to get just that done. The kitty litter needs to be changed out, although I did manage to scoop once or twice. Again, a miracle. The dining room table has folded towels on it with a cat atop them. She’s quite content with this new status quo. Except for the litter box situation, of course.

One of the oddest things I hadn’t accomplished until today is my Ancestry.com DNA test. Don’t scoff. I’ve wanted to do one since National Geographic came out with their Genome project in 2005, only a mere 16 years ago. So long, in fact, that they closed that project. For cool information about it, check out PBS documentary with Oprah, Quincy Jones, Henry Gates, who narrates, and other Black celebrities.

I ordered and received the kit months ago. How hard is it to spit into a tube you ask? Apparently pretty damned hard.

Except, today I finally did it. It isn’t actually mailed in yet, but hey, one step at a time.

What’s wild is that I also did more things today that I’ve been putting off. On a Friday, end of work week no less.

For example, I finally opened the free sex toys sent to me by a company that wants me to try them out and then write about them. They arrived while I was on vacation, and after my return I’ve been TOO TIRED TO TRY SEX TOYS. That’s just scary. And wrong on so many levels. I still have yet to try them, but they are charging as I write. More to come on that. heh heh.

What else? I booked a trip to Belize. That’s because I’m traveling with a friend who does everything immediately and brooks no dilly-dallying. I have no clue how we are friends, but I appreciate her pushing, at least when it comes to Belize.

I signed up for some auto-pays, changed my debit card info on some sites because I lost the original weeks ago and just got it replaced. Okay, even that’s not quite true. I lost it months ago, replaced it a few weeks ago, and just now changed the info on all the sites I use it to pay. There’s no incentive like things being cancelled because payment doesn’t go through.

That seems like a lot for a day when I also saw three clients and wrote a News Break story, and now this. What I want to know is, what prompted the sudden activity and how can I replicate it?

. . .

I didn’t get everything done.

The bed isn’t made, but making the bed every day is for people who have nothing else to accomplish that day in my opinion. At least that’s the way I interpret, “Make your bed. That way you accomplish at least one thing every morning.” Nope. Having one more thing to do does not inspire me to do more.

It took me years and three moves to finally send videos, CDs and tapes into Legacy.com to get them transferred to digital. The results have been sitting in my living room, and presumably somewhere in the Cloud, for over a week now. Why rush, right? They’re only the videos of my son’s childhood, and he’s now twenty-seven.

There’s also an hysterical one of my mom telling a family reunion how she got an odd scar on her butt from sitting on her curling iron which she’d placed on the toilet lid and forgot was there and turned on. That one’s only twenty years old, and I’ve promised copies to family for the past umpteen Christmases. I’m opening that box right after I post this story.

So what lit my fire? Maybe it’s that my adult niece, who I haven’t seen in over a year, is coming to stay tonight.

The guest room looks perfect, so I have to run around like a wild woman to make the rest of the place match. That’s probably the incentive I needed to put dishes away, fill the dishwasher, pick up the clutter which, since it’s been raining here like it’s the end of the world, includes no less than six pair of shoes in the entryway. Don’t tell anybody, but I even vacuumed the indoor-outdoor rug on the patio. I’m sure my neighbors are questioning my sanity, or what robot has taken my place. Obviously not a sex robot, since I couldn’t even be bothered to play with the sex toys. Yet.

After this past year, maybe I just needed a visitor to move me off the bench and onto the playing field.

Plus, it will be fun to share the digitalized videos with her. Not the free sex toys. Those are all mine.

This post was previously published on MuddyUm.


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