How to Get A Beautiful Winter Home Decor with Thrifty Ways

How to Get A Beautiful Winter Home Decor with Thrifty Ways

If you have a plan to decorate your home for this winter, you can do some ways. It doesn’t mean you have to spend a much budget. You can decorate your winter home with thrifty ways. You can go to the thrift store or use upcycled items. There are many thrift items that you can used. These items are really help you to save your money while getting a whimsy and interesting winter decoration. First, you can use twigs or branches. You can find twig decorations in a variety of colors and materials. An evergreen wreath is another seasonal decorating idea that will add a pop of color. A wreath made of greenery can be decorated with bows and tinsel. It can be placed in a hallway and door. Another way, you can use upcycled items. It is a good way to go if you want to save money. In this case, you can use a mason jar as a candle holder, a sled as a stand for your Christmas tree, a bulb or glass jar for a winter terrarium, and more. Also, you can use a tray a centerpiece by displaying some winter ornaments. Even, with a simple winter-scented candle, you bring a winter vibe to your home. As simple as that. If you need some thrifty ways to get a beautiful winter decoration, take a look at these ideas below.

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Winter Tray Centerpieces


Decorating a living room with a winter theme is complemented by inexpensive items that will make a different home design. Like the picture above, you can use inexpensive trays to use as home centerpieces to make them look great. Complete with pine needles, ceramic pots and light bulbs that will make your coffee table design more attractive and can be a perfect home centerpiece. Winter Tray Centerpieces from @thequaintsanctuary

Galvanized Pot


Using recycled galvanized baskets for this pot idea looks attractive and has a rustic touch. Used for planting these small pine trees will give a natural touch and a charming look. Placing it on a wicker tray and complete with pine needles is a simple idea that you can try to enliven winter in your living room design. This ball ornament garland would also complete the perfect coffee table look. Galvanized Pot from @thequaintsanctuary

Candle Holder


Using cheap wooden candle holders, it gives the whole house a natural touch and an antique feel. Placing it on the living room fireplace and combining it with a wreath of evergreen flowers and an antique mirror placed above the fireplace produces a beautiful decoration that can steal the eye. The beige color scheme on the walls of this house is also able to provide extra warmth and comfort. Candle Holder from @oliviasromantichome

Plaid Pillow


You can complete the look by adding a cheap plaid pillow. Simply place this pillow on the bedroom bench this winter to bring coziness and warmth to the whole house. This Tosca color scheme will give a warm and comfortable room and the addition of wooden ornaments and galvanized pots hanging on the walls will make this room design interesting for you to try. Plaid Pillow from @thequaintsanctuary

Welcome Sign


This winter-themed porch design has some ornaments with inexpensive items. As shown above, using a Welcome sign hanging from a tobacco basket adds a rustic look and a distinct home décor. The wood cladding of these wooden planter boxes and benches makes for an attractive home decor. This picnic basket filled with green leaves will add to the look of your home.  Welcome Sign from @thequaintsanctuary

Galvanized Winter Ornament


This DIY winter ornament made of galvanized material looks beautiful and adds a rustic feel. Making your own with a house shape like this will be a beautiful and stylish home decoration. This is a simple project you can try that will boost your creativity. Simply place it on a scale above the fireplace for a winter design touch this year. A fake Christmas tree placed next to this ornament makes for a perfect and stylish coat decoration. Galvanized Winter Ornament from @cheerfulvintage

White House Centerpieces


This white house design bought cheap at a flea market can be a beautiful and stylish winter decoration. Making it yourself doesn’t cost much so it will increase your creativity. Simply place this white house on a pile of books and a wooden tray to create a beautiful and stylish centerpieces decoration. This small pine tree placed on a tray can produce an interesting coffee table decoration for you to try. White House Centerpieces from @kelseyforest14

Winter Wood Sign


This large wooden plank placed on top of the fireplace is able to present an interesting home decoration for you to try. Using used wood and painting it yourself will not make the house design attractive and will add to your creativity. The wood, which is in the form of a stocking and hung over the mantle of this house, is able to create a unique home design and has a different design every day. Winter Wood Sign from @vintage_valenta

Rustic Centerpieces


If you have free time on weekends, then just use the time you have to make projects with your child. Choosing to use rustic ornaments that can be placed on this table will succeed in stealing attention and be able to make your home decoration more lively. The materials used are green leaf, burlap, and pinecone so it won’t cost much. Once these centerpieces are perfect, they are ready to be used to welcome this year’s winter with gusto. Rustic Centerpieces from @thequaintsanctuary

Vintage Sleds


This year’s winter decoration ideas use materials that are no longer used to make your home decor look more attractive for you to try. Picking out old sled ornaments and laying out winter decor ideas at the entryway makes for a lovely design. This is a simple idea that you can try since you have a limited budget to decorate your home. Don’t forget to complete the look with small pine trees in galvanized pots for a beautiful home design. Vintage Sleds from @thriftydecorinspo

Add Pinecone


Do you have a lot of pinecones in your backyard? If you have some, you can turn them into centerpieces that can be placed over bowls. Not only pinecones, you can also combine them with some other antique ornaments such as tobbaco baskets, baby breath in antique vases and bird statues for a charming home look. Putting this on the table can be the center of attention of everyone who comes. Add Pinecone from @almost3acres

Winter Centerpieces Dining Table


Reuse old galvanized jugs as a cheap and easy room decoration. Try turning it into a pretty pot filled with pine needles. Then you can complete the look of these centerpieces with snow globes and candle holders placed on a rattan tray to make the home decor even more beautiful and stylish. On this dining room wall, you can complement it with a wooden famrhouse sign and a white flower arrangement to create the perfect room decoration. Winter Centerpieces Dining Table from @laurie3.lh

Wine Barrel Container


Buying a wine barrel cheaply at this flea market, you can turn it into the perfect winter decoration for your home. Choosing to use a wine barrel as a pine tree pot can make your home decor more attractive and look beautiful. This simple design is able to give a home a rustic touch to any room. Don’t forget to complete this tree look with string lights wrapped around the tree for an interesting decoration. Wine Barrel Container from @thequaintsanctuary

Snowman and Pillow


There is no need to spend a fortune decorating your winter patio. A simple snowman and a cheap pillowcase can complete this year’s winter décor. This idea will accentuate a winter theme so it’s perfect for you to emulate. Combined with a rattan seating set and complemented by greenery, it gives a stunning finish. Snowman and Pillow from @patchesnpickens

Bulb Snow Globe


Now you can make tree decorations using unused materials so it’s cheaper and within budget. Ornaments from bholam lamps filled with tree brushes, bottles and beads will produce beautiful and stylish home decorations. Hang it on your home pine tree to welcome winter with a festive feeling. This idea is easy for you to replicate so it could be your next weekend project. Bulb Snow Globe from @nanedwardscollection

Mason Jar Candle Holder


One of the best ways to decorate your winter space at low cost is to use old items that are in storage. For example, you use a used mason jar as a room decoration that looks vintage. These mason jars would be the perfect candle holders to give a warm, dramatic look to any area of your home. Complete with a painting of a village and a snowman on a white background, this is a simple idea you can try to cheer up winter in your home. Mason jar Candle Holder from

Winter Chandelier


You need to try redecorating the chandelier with a winter theme now. Complementing the chandelier with a garland of cypress flowers and dried orange slices is a simple idea that you can try right now. This idea is easy for you to try because you can come up with a different design every year. Choosing to apply a chandelier in this dining room can be the perfect center of attention at dinner with the family. Winter Chandelier from @graceebrian

Several Pillows


You can try to buy some pillows at this low price. Here, the many pillows will also provide extra warmth and comfort when you are in this living room. You can choose the motifs and materials according to your wishes that will make the appearance match the winter atmosphere in your home. Don’t forget to complete the decoration with thick blankets and soft sofas for extra comfort when winter arrives. Several Pillows from @aventuremaisondecoandfamily

Snowman Ornament


Buying inexpensive ornaments at one of the flea markets is a smart idea that can save you money. One item that you can try is a snowman ornament that is hung on a Christmas tree for a beautiful look. Having a clean and shiny white color can steal attention and will give your home design a different winter theme. Combined with several other ornaments, it will also look attractive and stylish. Snowman Ornament from @cottonandcrete

Winter Hanging Door Ornament


Take a look at the geometric shape of the winter hanging dooe, looks interesting doesn’t it? Yes, you can give it a try by buying it cheap on the trift market for a lovely winter decoration for you to try. Using glitter material and complemented by pine cones, pine needles and ribbons will enhance the look and be one of the cheap or frugal decorating ideas to bring a winter theme to the terrace of this house. Winter Hanging Door Ornament from @lepetitmiou

Winter-Scented Candles


These winter scneted candles will be the best winter decorations you can use to welcome the winter season this year. Besides being able to be used as room decoration, screen candles also make your room look dramatic and stylish. It doesn’t stop there enough, you can also paint to the best of your ability on these candles to make the best decorations this winter. Winter-Scented Candles from @mustardseedmarketandhome

White Winter Village


Do you have white cardboard? If you have one, you can turn it into a winter village that can be used as a simple table decoration. Arrange this white house on a table and add string lights to make an interesting home decor for you to experiment with. Next place this bottle brush tree next to the village to give it an extra winter look this year. This decoration can be the center of attention and give your home a different look. White WInter Village from @ivon_homeuk

Rustic Winter Sign


Welcoming winter in this home decor, don’t forget the rustic sign that looks so stunning. Using a snuff basket filled with wooden snowflake signs can be a centerpiece and give your home a different look. Apart from rustic signs, you can also add some wooden ornaments like wooden planks, sleighs and bells which will give the whole room a winter vibe. Rustic Winter Sign from @baker_nest

Winter Shelf Decor


Use simple decorations to decorate the shelves so they don’t look empty and boring. You can buy some winter decorations at the trift market for cheap to complement your shelf life in your home. As shown above, you can use a pom pom and ginger garland for a pretty design. The sheet adds faux deer and tree sculptures and snowflakes. This will be even more interesting, because it is made of wood so it will look more unique and different. Winter Shelf Decor from @sweetkozyhome

Winter Console Table


If you are going with a wooden console table, then it’s worth making a very affordable winter decoration in this home decor. Some wonter ornaments that are purchased at low prices are able to steal the eye and will be the center of attention of everyone who sees them. Choosing an orange snowflake, this lantern, which is complemented by ribbons and feather accents, is able to give a winter vibe to the whole room. That way the appearance of your console table will look more fun and not boring. You must try this idea Winter Console Table from @decor_doctor

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