BMW’s CE 04 Urban Electric Scooter Rides Into the Future

BMW’s CE 04 Urban Electric Scooter Rides Into the Future

Economical and stylish, scooters could be the wave of the future as people look for easier ways to zip around town. BMW is banking on it and leading the way with its CE 04 urban electric scooter, a sleek ride that will be turning heads as early as 2022.

The concept isn’t for a cross-country road trip. Instead, it’s built for the short routes, zooming people around the city faster than a bus, train, or Uber would.

The Buzz Around BMW’s CE 04 Urban Electric Scooter

Excitement has been building around the release since the 2020 BMW #NEXTGen event. In fact, the micro-mobility campaign has been in the works since 2017 when the manufacturer presented a similar concept vehicle. Now, the new CE 04 Urban Electric Scooter is finally here.

The scooter is 100% electric-powered, bringing together the appeals of both a scooter and a motorcycle: convenience and power, easy-to-own and cool.

The scooter draws on the muscle of the 31kW/62Nm liquid-cooled electric motor and an 8.9Wh lithium-ion battery. Speed racers should rev up knowing it goes 0 – 30 mph in 2.6 seconds and tops out at 74 mph. That’s not bad for the city streets!

Instead of filling up at the gas station, the scooter requires a charge, conveniently clocked at four hours and 20 minutes. Reports state that a quick charge option takes just under half the amount of time. 

The battery isn’t bulky and actually plays into the weight distribution equation for delightfully smooth handling.

Some may hesitate to make the switch to a scooter because of the climate in their city, but BMW has planned for the weather with upgrades like Automatic Stability Control (ASC) and Dynamic Traction Control (DTC). There’s also an option to set the systems to eco, rain, and dry modes.





Light on the Road, Heavy on the Tech

Just because the scooter is on the small side doesn’t mean the engineers skimped on the gadgetry! A color screen display (10.25 inches) provides today’s technology such as a navigation system and a USB-C charging port.

The design element surpasses other attributes due to the stealthy but ample storage spaces for the helmet and cargo. 

Trim choices include light white (standard) or “Magellan grey metallic avant-garde” which runs at an additional charge. Ultramodern orange accents bedeck both models.

Anticipated Market Performance

The one place any electric scooter is likely to stall is within the U.S. market where suburban and urban drivers still prefer an automobile, although many are now looking into eco-friendly and smaller options. 

If the CE 04 urban electric scooter catches traction, it could be a game-changer. A spokesperson for BMW Motorrad recently responded to TechCrunch: “This could be an entryway to electric mobility at a fraction of the cost for some people.”

The company recently outlined the 2022 lineup, including the new CE 04. The balanced retro-futuristic appeal is expected to be a blockbuster with the crowds.

Granted, this is BMW, and the price tag aligns with the expectation. Starting at roughly $12,000, the BMW CE 04 is a fun toy for those with big budgets and a suitable vehicle replacement option for the rest.








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