Available to preorder for $99, the futuristic pod features on-board Wi-Fi and solar power for a plush, off-grid experience.

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Going outdoors once meant you were getting away from it all. In our current reality, however, it might just entail taking a much-needed break from the confines of home. To that end, prefab startup Jupe has revealed a new, flat-pack shelter that provides a place to go without having to fully let go.

"Experiencing the natural wonders of the world shouldn’t mean being forced to disconnect while staying in a less-than-inspirational living space," says Jeff Wilson, the cofounder and CEO of Jupe. Wilson drew inspiration for the shelters from 2001: A Space Odyssey,  collaborating with boutique hotelier Liz Lambert to channel a refined, intergalactic design aesthetic. 

Jupe’s flat-pack shelter can be shipped nearly anywhere, providing a glamping-style experience in any hospitable climate. Its trapezoidal form and glowing frame were inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey. 

Photo by Sam Gezari

Two people can assemble the outer space–inspired shelter in an hour for a fully equipped, glamping-style experience. Aluminum poles frame a voluminous, 111-square-foot canvas tent that includes a queen-size bed, lofty ceilings, and tiled Baltic birch wood flooring that hides ample storage space. Windows open for added ventilation or light, and the entryway provides panoramic views over the desert, mountains, ocean, or whatever natural marvel lies beyond the front door. 

Delivering a hotel-like experience, the shelter can be upgraded to include a more robust solar panel array to power four electrical outlets, USB charging stations, a private Wi-Fi network, and dimmable LED lighting. More extras include a speaker with Alexa capabilities, a lock safe, a cooler, and small porch. 

The structure can be assembled in an hour by two people. The canvas is fire-resistant, and provides an airy feel.

Photo by Sam Gezari

Each unit features a queen-size Nectar mattress, Baltic birch wood flooring, optional LED lighting, and ample storage. Wi-Fi and a single solar-powered battery come stock. 

Photo by Sam Gezari

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