A Peaceful Japanese House Surrounded By Greenery [Video]

A Peaceful Japanese House Surrounded By Greenery [Video]

Abundant greenery surrounds this peaceful Japanese house in Hiroshima city, created by Hayato Komatsu Architects. The house belongs to its designer, who embraced the irregularities of the site, which is made shady by a large tunnel and retaining wall that penetrates Mt. Eba. At first glance, the site and surrounding area appeared undesirable. However, the dense greenery that overspills from the landscape takes away the typical urban atmosphere. Instead, the obscure location created an opportunity for a home design that connects the lush environment with modern architecture. Living spaces have been raised 4m above ground level to take in the view, where a complementary relationship between the new garden and surrounding specimens mesh as one spectacular scene.

The intricate exterior of the Enami house, and its multi level garden, overlaps the scenery of the southwestern part of Mt. Eba.

The meld between mountain and architecture changes the cityscape, as it embraces the spread surrounding greenery.

Constructed in an arc, the architecture echoes the rise of the mountain, and the hollow of the tunnel that runs through it. Elevated gardens reconstruct the spill of plants over the mountaintop.

The unique home design successfully extends the beauty of the natural landscape rather than disrupting it.

The front entrance is nestled within two of the tallest fins that form the vertebrae of the house. The fins protrude forward to build privacy around the door and windows of the house, and to create shade from direct sunlight.

Inside the modern Japanese home, we find a light filled open layout that unfolds beneath the warmth of exposed wooden ceiling beams. The airy space was designed as a place for family to gather and spend quality time together.

In order to connect the living room with the best views of the surrounding environment, the living room had to be raised over four metres from ground surface. Entire walls of glass open up the living room to the green panorama of the mountainside.

A terrace has been built around the second floor boundary, on which to bed a plant-filled border that’s defined as the “garden” of this extraordinary home.

The garden terrace is where the relationship between environment and architecture truly takes hold, as the view of the garden overlaps with the more distant panorama to form the perception of a deep landscape.

The elevated garden has a gantry structure of different depths. It protrudes into the southeast direction, where the trees become sunlit. The branches grow a soft screen between the interior of the house and its neighbours.

The living room is dipped ever so slightly below the height of the terrace floor, which gives it a cosily cocooned atmosphere. An L-shaped sectional sofa draws around the edge of the lounge, beneath the glass. Relaxed, two-tone upholstery ties with the cool grey concrete decor elements and the square coffee table, whilst a brown leather section complements the warm wood tone in the room.

Black steel window frames and a black powder coated balustrade offset the light golden warmth of the wooden elements.

An inviting red area rug zones the lounge, defining it from the adjacent kitchen and dining space.

Built-in shelves climb all the way to the high ceiling, providing plenty of room for books and treasured items to be stored out on display.

A myriad of planters scatter across the second floor terrace, adding lush layers. Storm lanterns glow softly between the low hanging leaves at night.

Behind the kitchen island, a wall of glass cabinets reflect the sunlight and the garden vista.

A glass vase brings a sprig of garden greenery to the simple dining table arrangement.

Industrial styling gives the home a contemporary edge.

Each small corner of the home is populated with plant life. A hanging planter adds greenery to the small powder room, and a container of tumbling leaves soften the void that vertically connects the entryway to the second floor.

Ceramic vases and decorative bowls adorn the top of the industrial kitchen design with intriguing silhouettes and texture.

Darkly tinted glass doors conceal kitchen clutter from plain view.

The sliding glass doors open all the way up to make kitchen accessories easily accessible during meal prep times.

A chrome faucet brightens the grey concrete kitchen island.

A modern fruit bowls brings colour to the countertop.

The industrial staircase design carries a split wood and metal aesthetic.

Solid wooden treads build the base stairs, whilst open metal treads allow light to penetrate the upper half.

The bedrooms are located down on the shaded ground floor.

A family bathroom is situated next to the private rooms.

The bedrooms are minimalistic spaces in which to rest, sleep and peacefully rejuvenate. Clerestory windows keep the bedrooms entirely private from the street.

Family time blossoms where there is light and nature.

Blue bedroom accents freshly connect with the skyscape that passes by the high windows. Recessed shelving units are installed high in the walls too, keeping visual clutter raised away from the beds.

A large home workspace benefits from the uplifting green views, with the desk placed up against a large window.

An entire wall of windows brings sunlight spilling into the rest of the home office, where a modern chair is set up for a spot of relaxation.

Subtle perimeter lighting illuminates the modern bathroom scheme.

Birds-eye view of the property in its built-up urban surroundings.

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