25 Genius Items You Can Find on Amazon for $5 or Less

25 Genius Items You Can Find on Amazon for $5 or Less

Amazon is a lifesaver when it comes to avoiding the check-out line at your local brick and mortar. But, besides making for stress-free shopping sans kiddos, it can also help you save money on just about anything. We found some of the best deals you can find on the site right now (Five bucks or less!) that can make life even easier at home. Keep reading to see them all.

This handy gadget is a screwdriver, bottle opener, cord cutter, three-position hex wrench and more. Basically, don't leave your house or go into the woods without one. $4.99 for one, pick from over a dozen animals and shapes, including a kayak, a trout, a shark, a standing bear and more.


You can either pack fruit or dip in these adorable animal bento boxes or use them as a place to store treasures. $5 for the panda, pig and chick. 

A banana-shaped container to hold your kids' favorite doesn't-travel-well fruit? Genius. $4.99 for a 3-pack. 

Finally, the perfect excuse to organize your kitchen. And, the best part? These chalkboard labels are reusable, and can be used on everything from mason jars to wine glasses! $4.99 for 36 labels. 

Deal with baby's cradle cap and first wisps of hair with this soft 2-in-1 brush from Safety 1st, just $4.99. 

Travel Flossers

For those days when you're on-the-go, having micro dental flossers stashed away in your bag makes it easy to keep pesky dental debris at bay. Just $2.72 for a 12-pack. 

Take a pack of WikkiStix with you the next time you eat out with kids. You'll be thanking us later. $4.97 for a 24-pack. 

photo: Amazon Onion Slicer

Never suffer from ill-chopped onions again! This stainless steel onion slicer is a whopping $2 and worth every penny.

photo: Amazon Umbrella Holder

Excuse us while we go buy a ton of these $.33 umbrella holders! While you're at it, you can use them for brooms or any other Marie Kondo-approved organizing.

photo: Amazon Egg Squeeze Yolk Separator

Baking will be a cinch when you use a yolk separator. The $4 is totally worth escaping the kitchen without slimy egg hands.

Say goodbye the pungent smell of onion in your fridge with this air-tight container that pulls double duty as a dip container, too. $4.25 for one. 

photo: Amazon Cup Sleeve

Adorable and reusable cup sleeves for $5? Not only does your morning cup of Joe look way cuter, but you're reducing your carbon footprint, too.

photo: Amazon Mushroom Nightlight

Keep the dark (and the excuses not to go to bed) at bay with cuteness. These friendly mushrooms feature seven different light colors.

photo: Amazon Counter Trash Bag

This counter hanger makes for easy clean up when you're cooking.

photo: Amazon Egg/ Pancake Mold

Making a fun Pinterest-worthy breakfast has never been easier with this cute cat mold.

photo: Amazon Magic Erasers

You can never have too many Magic Erasers when you have kids at home.

photo: Amazon Sneaker Washer and Dryer Bag

Clean your kids' shoes without wrecking the washer with these simple laundry bags. 

photo: Amazon Storage Bags

These cube-shaped storage bags are the perfect way to tidy up the back of the closet or store kids clothes under your bed neatly.

photo: Amazon Odor Absorber

Eradicate those diaper pail smells with this odor absorber that's safer to use than a scented candle.

photo: Amazon Bottle Brush

This brush makes cleaning baby bottles and sippy cups a snap.

photo: Amazon Kitchen Sink Organizer

When spills happen (and they never fail with kids) your sponge will be right at hand with this caddy.

photo: Amazon Cupcake Decorating Tool

It’s always a good time for a fancy cupcake with this piping tool.

photo: Amazon Purse Organizer

You’ll actually be able to find your wallet before your two-year-old sprints away from the checkout line with this organizer.

photo: Amazon Photo Wallet

This totally adorable accessory is a great way to store all those wallet-sized school pictures you never know what to do with.

photo: Amazon Bag Holder

Anything that clears up the clutter of bags for under a buck, like this organizer, is worth a shot.


—Shahrzad Warkentin & Karly Wood

Featured photo: Mike Seyfang via Flickr

Editor’s Note: All items available and with a price of $5 or less at the time of publication.



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