20 Neutral Winter Decoration Ideas After Christmas

20 Neutral Winter Decoration Ideas After Christmas

To transition your home decor from Christmas to winter, a neutral after Christmas decorations are a great way to add some color to your home. Winter decoration after Christmas it doesn’t mean you have to take down as some of it works for winter decor. If you are looking for winter decoration after Christmas, here, we have some ideas on how to transition to winter decor after Christmas. Even though you no longer use red, blue, or green decorations, neutral after Christmas decorations will still make your home lively. You may be interested in decorating your house with a variety of shades of gray, tan, and brown. If you’re a fan of white, you may also be interested in displaying your home with a variety of white and silver ornaments. You can use wooden pallets and burlap ribbon for a rustic look. Furthermore, you can still maintain your greenery garland and wreath decoration. To get a neutral impression, you can remove red accents or other festive ornaments on your wreath and garland. Also, you can change your red throw pillows, blankets, and other accessories with the neutral one. Here are some ideas for you.

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Greenery Touch


Adding a green touch to the living room decor is a decoration that is ready to welcome the winter after Christmas theme in a modern farmhouse themed living room decoration. Choosing to use two large Christmas trees and garlands placed above the fireplace and above the windows brings a touch of nature and fresh air to the entire room. Don’t forget about Christmas decorations by adding jingle bells on top of this cake to make the perfect decoration. Greenery Touch from @kathiesalvadalenarealestate

Neutral Chritsmas Dining Room


This modern dining room decoration with an after Christmas theme has a calm and warm color scheme. Ditch the red accents for a calm and serene décor. In the picture above, you can complete it with a large Christmas tree placed in the corner of the house and Christmas-themed centerpieces for a stunning design. Opting for this off-white color scheme will also result in a calm and comfortable design for welcoming the winter after Christmas. Neutral Chritsmas Dining Room from @throughthekeyhole19

Wood Accent Chrsitmas DIning Room


Eliminate the red accents in this industrial dining room decor. In the image above you can complement this decor with a touch of wood which will create a warm and serene space. Adopt this dining table set, and the heringbone wood flooring provides the perfect home décor. A large Christmas tree in the corner of the house will also provide the perfect Christmas feel complete with ball ornaments and string lights. Wood Accent Chrsitmas DIning Room from @madewithoak

Evergreen Garland


In this post-Christmas kitchen decoration, you can decorate it with natural touches and muted colors for the perfect room design. Completing the look with a wreath of evergreens placed above the kitchen window is able to change the look and balance the perfect decor. Combined with a white color scheme and marble countertops, it gives the room a serene and luxurious look. Evergreen Garland from @michealadianedesigns

Neutral Christmas Reading Nook


Decorate this cozy reading nook with a calm and serene Christmas touch. Using a cream color scheme and accenting a large Christmas tree and wreath in the same material provides the perfect Christmas ambiance. Don’t forget to complete the decoration with a soft sofa complete with pillows and knitted blankets that will give the decoration a comfortable and warm impression. Neutral Reading Nook from vintagegirlbyholly

White Color Scheme


designing a living room with a white color scheme makes the room decoration comfortable and warm. Applying this to walls and furniture can make for a charming home décor and extra coziness to the whole house. Wood accents will also give the impression of a warm room and a different home design. This layered rug will give the room a warm and cozy living room design. White Color Scheme from @downshilohroad

Farmhouse Christmas Decor


This home entryway decoration after Christmas is complemented by a neutral touch that will give the impression of a comfortable and calm room. Choosing a farmhouse style and complemented by some snowy pine trees results in a perfect home decoration. The console table accents from raw wood combined with the wooden floor will make for the perfect home decoration. This soft fur rug gives a comfortable and warm impression to your feet. Farmhouse Christmas Decor from @sweetcottagecharm

Christmas Staircase Decor


Don’t forget to decorate your stairwell with neutral touches for the perfect after-Christmas decoration. Using a neutral color scheme combined with a garland of evergreens and folded paper DIY ornaments will steal the eye and greet your guests with an exciting Christmas feeling. This console table decoration, complete with star accents and a faux Christmas tree, completes the look of this cozy Christmas entryway.  Christmas Staircase Decor  from @houseonthehey

Christmas Dining Room Centerpieces


This dining table which is equipped with Christmas ornaments makes the dining table attractive and steals the eye. Adding a garland of evergreens and a faux Christmas tree and these stick candles makes for an interesting dining table look. This wooden dining table set also gives a natural touch and has a different look every year. A small Christmas tree in the corner of this room can also produce interesting decorations and a fresh Christmas touch.  Christmas Dining Room Centerpieces from @sawnailandpaint

Beige Color Scheme


Don’t forget to use a neutral color scheme to give a natural after Christmas touch. Choosing a beige color on the walls and furniture produces a comfortable and warm design. This soft fur rug provides warmth to your feet and makes your living room look more perfect. Completing the look with this fireplace will warm your body and make a charming room decoration. Beige Color Scheme from @thewisteria.home

Christmas Farmhouse Porch

Snapinsta.app_1080_269625694_890412484999142_6246456419033104744_nThe combination of green trees and rustic ornaments that can be used as decorations for the terrace of this house is ready to welcome the winter after Christmas with a farmhouse theme. You can combine them into one part with a neat and orderly arrangement. Using a wooden sign complete with an evergreen wreath can completely change the Christmas look this year. Additionally you can complement it with a snowy Christmas tree, white house, and wooden lanterns to balance out the neutral look on this after Christmas patio deroation. Christmas Farmhouse Porch from @courtneyfitzp01

Snowy Christmas Tree


Don’t let your living room decor look boring. You can dress her up again with simple winter decorations that you can make however you like. Here you can start adding accents to a fairly large snowy Christmas tree. Complementing it with a beige color scheme and wooden floors can provide a warm and comfortable design that you can try now. Here you can also complete it with a soft sofa equipped with several pillows that will provide extra warmth and comfort. Snowy Christmas Tree from @thisfreckledhome

Neutral Christmas Living Room

Snapinsta.app_1080_269955145_875010166529767_1625721699915031651_nThis after Christmas living room has a neutral look that will look even more inviting when you redecorate. Choosing a beige color scheme and heringbone wood accents can make your home look prettier and more stylish. You can also complete the look with a large Christmas tree placed in the corner of the house and some star ornaments everywhere which will be the perfect centerpiece for the room. Neutral Christmas Living Room from @no33interior

Natural Holiday Kitchen

Snapinsta.app_1080_317948263_855615415634373_1487773463599391004_n (1)The modern farmhouse theme that dominates the living room this winter features a simple decoration that you can complete with a touch of greenery accents that make this dining chair look plain and empty, because now you can decorate it with DIY swag on the back of the chair. Choosing this greenery will give it a fresh and different look every year. Fern leaves in vases and wreaths made of green leaves are also able to complete the look and make your home decor more charming. Natural Holiday Kitchen from @houseofdutton

Christmas Farmhouse Entrance

318348775_133408439542593_5686351941735525976_nWinter after Christmas can be immediately applied to entryway decorations with a neutral touch that you can try easily and practically. What you can consider using in this room is a touch of wood on the benches and sleds that can be used to complete the look. Don’t forget to add a bouquet of evergreens which can be easily found in the garden behind the house. These pillows, blankets and bells will complete the look and make your home décor even more interesting. Christmas Farmhouse Entrance from @myshabbyvintagefarmhouse

Christmas Fireplace

Snapinsta.app_1080_317490836_927983745026691_6681195525497394501_nDecorating a fireplace in one’s house with a Christmas touch is not a bad idea for you to try. Here you can complement it with green plant accents that will make the look different. Placing it above the fireplace and adding stockings hanging from it will complete the look and cheer up the whole Christmas house. These wooden beaded bells and garlands will also complement the décor and make your wardrobe look more trendy and stylish. Christmas Fireplace from @twolittletaylors

Hanging Paper Star

Snapinsta.app_1080_317862646_462849215786794_6955591756950210427_nIn the famrhouse living room after Christmas, you can complete it with some calm colored ornaments. Like the picture above, you can add star accents hanging from the ceiling and a large Christmas tree in the corner of the house to give it a charming look. This cream color scheme evokes serenity and a soft sofa seat complete with some pillows and blankets will also provide extra coziness and warmth. Hanging Paper Star from @throughthekeyhole19

Light Christmas Tree

Snapinsta.app_1080_317624542_868107957938715_5756590961895415383_nThe previous Christmas decorated bedroom can be redecorated with an early winter touch by using a light Christmas tree. Simply place this big tree in the corner of your house to give it a beautiful home appearance and can become a teak center. In addition, the neutral color scheme in this bedroom decoration adds a warm touch and a comfortable impression to welcome winter after Christmas. This soft bedding set, which is equipped with pillows and blankets, is able to produce a comfortable and warm home decoration.
Light Christmas Tree from @ivyhouse_46

Christmas Bedroom

Snapinsta.app_1080_319629071_1154773538487625_2952624331702315678_nDon’t just focus on using winter ornaments. For now, this layered sheet set will give a warm and comfortable impression when the holidays arrive. Using this neutral color scheme can reduce clutter and bring a warm touch to your entire home. This layered fleece blanket makes your body feel warmer and ready to make your sleep more comfortable all day long. A framed painting and a garland from the white house hanging above the headboard will complete your bedroom’s Christmas look. Christmas Bedroom from @anadeco_andtwins

White Christmas bedroom

Snapinsta.app_1080_319645679_1285285342259877_2840544679615186165_nWhite is a suitable color choice to welcome this year’s winter with joy. Just apply this color throughout this bedroom. The use of this color is also ready to make the room look more neutral and open, you can try it now with a modern or contemporary theme. The use of Christmas ornaments that have white accents successfully balances the look and makes your home decor different every year. Don’t forget to complete the bedding set with soft pillow accents and soft feather blankets to balance the look of your home. White Christmas bedroom from @bestlaminatepl

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