121 ‘Forbidden Food’ Examples You Shouldn’t Ever Eat (New Pics)

121 ‘Forbidden Food’ Examples You Shouldn’t Ever Eat (New Pics)

If you’re anything like us, dear Pandas, then you’re very likely also thinking of food at this very moment. Full disclosure, some of us are busy daydreaming about pizza, donuts, and Friday barbeques when we should be writing about our gracious feline overlords and collecting cute dog photos. In fact, we’re so hungry, we’ve started seeing food everywhere we look… though we’re not the only ones!

Our gastronomic geniuses and illusion-lovers here at Bored Panda have cooked up for you this delicious list of photos of various things that look just like food. From soap that looks like chocolate to mushrooms that look like fried eggs (and make us yearn for a good old English breakfast so badly, it’s ridiculous).

Upvote the pics that you personally found to be the tastiest, and let us know which of these you’d love to take a bite out of. Once you’re done, check out our other recent articles about inedible things that look like food for desert right here, here, here, and here!

A small warning though: this list will likely leave you very hungry, so just keep in mind that you shouldn’t eat random things, no matter how tasty they appear. Stick to real food!

#1 This Rock Found In Indiana That Looks Like Fried Chicken

Image credits: 9999monkeys

#2 Okay, Who Took A Bite Out Of The Forbidden Peanut Butter Brownie?

Image credits: gazpachomachine

#3 This Tree Looks Like Broccoli

Image credits: ZackTheLampGod

Professor Kang Lee, from the University of Toronto, explained to Bored Panda that our imaginations have a very strong impact on our perception. Our imaginations come from our frontal cortex in our brain, meanwhile, our perception takes place first in the visual cortex, found in the occipital lobe in the back of our head.

One of the more common phenomena that people tend to come across in their daily lives is pareidolia, or rather, seeing faces where there aren’t any. Perhaps you’ve spotted a cloud that looks just like your loved one or you’re looking at the trees and the leaves make them look like a stranger’s staring right back at you.

#4 Frog That Looks Like Cheese On A Burger

Image credits: old_acc_20k_karma

#5 The Surprising Amount Of Bite Marks On These IKEA Display Apples

Image credits: Berryyrreb

#6 One Is Chocolate, One Is For The Dishwasher

Image credits: ghostsinurblood

"Pareidolia illustrates the interaction between the visual cortex and the frontal cortex of the human brain. It suggests that our brain is highly sensitive and expecting to encounter and process some special classes of objects in our environment because they are biological and socially important to our adaptions to the environment," professor Lee told Bored Panda during an earlier interview.

"For example, when you are walking in a dark street in the evening, your brain is on high alert to detect whether any threat will jump out any moment. In this case, you are more likely to have face or human pareidolia because it is important for you to err on the side of caution if you mistake a tree as a human being,” he said.

#7 Forbidden Milk

Image credits: nerdallure

#8 This Kiwi Looks Weird Though

Image credits: johnfcknallen

#9 Hospital Staff Gave Me A Snack On The Bed Sheets, Turns Out It's The Sponge I Need To Use In The Shower Before Surgery

Image credits: Kirito619

“However, for some people, their frontal cortex’s expectation for certain objects (e.g., faces) become so high that they see faces in many situations where no faces exist."

He continued: “Even in this kind of situation, it is normal. There is nothing wrong with these individuals," he stressed. "Pareidolia is different from paranoia or delusion or abnormal vision of individuals with psychosis. In fact, a recent study shows that those people with pareidolia tend to be more creative. Also, people who are religious may be able to see religious icons in nonface objects as well."

#10 Landscaping Stone I Found That Looks Exactly Like A Hunk Of Crab Leg Meat

Image credits: DemBai7

#11 This Coaster

Image credits: hotelluxband

#12 I Found A Mushroom That Looks Like A Fried Egg

Image credits: aintitquaint

Professor Lee reiterated that our imaginations greatly affect our perceptions. “What we see are not things over there in the world but actually the co-creation of what is out there physically and what is in our mind mentally through our expectations and imaginations,” he said.

"Pareidolia is a broader phenomenon as it extends to touch and sound and other sensory channels. For example, you sometimes sense your phone vibrating when it is not, it is a tactile form of pareidolia. When you hear voices in a noisy environment, it is an auditory form of pareidolia."

#13 Forbidden Pasta (Rattle Snake Rattler)

Image credits: bnjman

#14 Forbidden Salami

Image credits: axeot

#15 Forbidden Ham

Image credits: Transasaurus-Hex

#16 Forbidden Mushroom Soup (Slugs Attracted With A Bowl Of Beer Overnight)

Image credits: iluvemerald

#17 Someone Left Some Mashed Potatoes In The Car

Image credits: GetOverTheWeather

#18 Forbidden Mango

Image credits: iamthechop

#19 Forbidden Fried Chicken

Image credits: johnfcknallen

#20 Forbidden Pringles

Image credits: CorsairAce

#21 Forbidden Cookie Dough. Who Thought This Was A Good Idea?

Image credits: Toodeveloped

#22 Forbidden Rice Noodle (The Inside Of My Inflatable Air Mattress)

Image credits: -who_knows-

#23 Would You Be Interested In A Cup Of Latte?

Image credits: Happy-Substance4343

#24 Forbidden Loaf Of Bread

Image credits: nelsonic1990

#25 Forbidden Ground Beef

Image credits: LeaFett

#26 Forbidden Rare Steak

Image credits: TaylorTheDude

#27 Scent Beads Looking Like A Snack

Image credits: disSumBooBoo

#28 Forbidden Snap Peas (Succulents)

Image credits: maphbu

#29 Forbidden Croissant (Sofa)

Image credits: roman.plyus

#30 This Printer At Work Uses Small Colored Balls For Ink, They Look Like Forbidden M&M's

Image credits: MaxDusseldorf

#31 A Hummingbird Which Looks Like A Jalapeño

Image credits: anthonyhui

#32 Forbidden Lettuce (Copper(II) Chloride Stained Paper Towel)

Image credits: Higurashii

#33 Only-Kinda-Forbidden Pomegranate (It’s Crab's Eggs)

Image credits: DiracHeisenberg

#34 Forbidden Potato Chips

Image credits: Jammerzpro

#35 Forbidden Strawberry Smoothie (Bone Marrow)

Image credits: Little_bitch420

#36 Forbidden Chocolate Frog

Image credits: Sir_Blazealot

#37 Forbidden Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Image credits: pennamestamp

#38 Forbidden Jam

Image credits: stonecoldsweetie_

#39 Forbidden Street Apple Juice

Image credits: camo6

#40 This KitKat Bench

Image credits: doublecomforter

#41 Mmm, Forbidden Peanut Butter

Image credits: dommiewolfie

#42 This One Rock In The Entryway Of A House

Image credits: next_exit_20_miles

#43 Forbidden Seedless Strawberry Jelly (Violin Rosin)

Image credits: temporalwanderer

#44 Forbidden Ice Cream Sandwich

Image credits: dylanpidge

#45 Forbidden Oreos (Adhesive Furniture Pads)

Image credits: Stab_City

#46 Forbidden Grapes (3D Print That Went Horribly Wrong)

Image credits: Nightwynd

#47 Forbidden English Muffin

Image credits: twinhooks

#48 Forbidden Gummy Worm

Image credits: stringmousey

#49 Forbidden Cinnamon Sugar Donut Hole

Image credits: littleleapers_

#50 Forbidden Brownie

Image credits: JoeAllannn

#51 Went To Make A Margarita Today And The Items On The Stove Made Me Do A Double Take

Image credits: thejollyswitch

#52 They Repurposed Honey Bottles

Image credits: GishTanker

#53 Forbidden Guacamole

Image credits: ab0gaill

#54 My Roommate Cleaned Some Old Pool Balls And They Came Out Looking Like Jawbreakers

Image credits: breadlover19

#55 Forbidden Ciabatta

Image credits: xCUBUFFSx

#56 Forbidden Banana

Image credits: __irezumi

#57 How My Beer Matches This Floor Cleaner

Image credits: JLeavitt21

#58 Forbidden Pez

Image credits: DhangitBobbeh

#59 Forbidden Orange Juice

Image credits: aomimezura

#60 Forbidden Egg

Image credits: pokemeintheeye

#61 Mouse Mat Made With A Delicious Slice Of Bread

Image credits: sean1978

#62 Forbidden Salami

Image credits: tiradium

#63 Forbidden Meatballs

Image credits: OneFishyBoi2066

#64 Or Delicious Grapes?

Image credits: BFly52

#65 Forbidden Poppy Seeds

Image credits: cdcgov

#66 Forbidden Ketchup

Image credits: newdy22

#67 Forbidden Fried Chicken

Image credits: walnut_is_a_cat

#68 Forbidden Meringue

Image credits: lucatriptico

#69 Forbidden Fruit Juices (Embalming Fluids)

Image credits: reddit.com

#70 Forbidden Bread Buns

Image credits: UnderCoverKV220

#71 I Found A Candle That Looks Like A Bowl Of Cereal

Image credits: Ziggityzac_06

#72 This Rock My Son Found On Our Hike Looks Like A Potato

Image credits: NightBoat86

#73 Forbidden Bacon

Image credits: Boom-Sausage

#74 Didn't Realise It Was Forbidden Mints Until It Was In My Mouth

Image credits: HansMLither

#75 Broccoli Birb

Image credits: killingsylvanus40

#76 Forbidden Taters

Image credits: Tuskhammer

#77 Forbidden Dessert Slices

Image credits: Enderthegamer97

#78 Forbidden Steak

Image credits: DazedPoochini

#79 Forbidden Lime Candy (A Rod Of Uranium Glass)

Image credits: BeautifulBurd

#80 Forget Rock Cakes, Try This Crunchy Rock Sandwich I Found On The Beach Earlier

Image credits: uselesssocialtool

#81 Forbidden Rice Krispies

Image credits: Elliebeanie

#82 Laundry Candies (Aka Gain Scent Boosters)

Image credits: Critical_Camera_1852

#83 Forbidden Cookie Crisps

Image credits: PickleBag420

#84 Forbidden Salmon (Banded Carnelian)

Image credits: JustDontEatRocks

#85 Forbidden Roadside Cheesecake

Image credits: lauchknospe

#86 I’ll Take One Pulled Pork Sandwich

Image credits: kazuhiroRiko

#87 Realgar (An Arsenic Sulfide Mineral) That Burns Bright Blue And Releases Toxic Fumes But Also Forbidden Candy

Image credits: __irezumi

#88 Milwaukee-Style Tic-Tacs. They Taste Horrible

Image credits: IronicDeadPan

#89 Marshmallow Ball Pit

Image credits: bumperjc11

#90 Forbidden Roast Beef Is Cooked To Perfection

Image credits: redfoxjim

#91 Forbidden Whipped Cream

Image credits: Volgaria

#92 Forbidden Chicken (Apricot Agate Stone)

Image credits: Maleficent-Lychee285

#93 Forbidden Muffin

Image credits: StinkpotTurtle

#94 My Plant Looks Like A Leaf

Image credits: Wesvdm

#95 Forbidden Mints - Wulfenite With Mottramite From Ojuela Mine, Mexico

Image credits: Exotic Crystals LLC

#96 Forbidden Grapes

Image credits: sparklychamp

#97 A Hedgehog Without Quills Looks Like A Potato

Image credits: Foxy Lodge Wildlife Rescue

#98 Questioning Why Someone Would Try To Sell These Cheetos At A Garage Sale

Image credits: CapexpateKawscz

#99 Forbidden Caramels Keep Tempting Me

Image credits: jewrome215

#100 Forbidden Scrambled Eggs

Image credits: cassiopia84t0

#101 I Was Moments Away From Trying This ‘Yoghurt’ And Have A Smooth Organic Diarrhea In The Morning

Image credits: Omgitsbarney

#102 Forbidden Health Drink

Image credits: CicadaFew1143

#103 Forbidden Sponge Cake

Image credits: mildexistentialdread

#104 Forbidden Gummy Lolly

Image credits: alf1kkk

#105 Forbidden Chocolate

Image credits: unlimitedenergy420

#106 Forbidden Spice Selection

Image credits: DarkPonyRising

#107 Forbidden Garlic Bread (Citrine Gemstone)

Image credits: alisie

#108 It Doesn’t Get More “Forbidden” Than This

Image credits: thesalmonjesse

#109 Forbidden Sushi Rolls

Image credits: rodescalada

#110 Forbidden Cola Gummies

Image credits: Jabbuk

#111 Forbidden Banana, Freshly Picked

Image credits: BedHeadBread

#112 Forbidden Tiny Carrots

Image credits: CaptBrett

#113 Forbidden Cheeseburger

Image credits: grymtgris

#114 This Table Looks Like A Piece Of Meat

Image credits: -lil_princess-

#115 This Japanese Food Truck Made Their Propane Tank Look Like A Big Bottle Of Sriracha

Image credits: Nocte_Mortis

#116 Forbidden Hamburger Mince

Image credits: meryl-streep

#117 Found Some Forbidden Grapes Growing In The Pet Department At Walmart

Image credits: Kookamoo

#118 Forbidden Pork Slices

Image credits: lucalocatelliphoto

#119 Forbidden Gummys

Image credits: Animeobsessee

#120 Forbidden Oreo Cake (Dry Cell Lead Acid Battery)

Image credits: ZGorlock

#121 Forbidden Gecko Gummy

Image credits: I_love_guin

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