Teaching Dolch words to a Grade one kid in Australia

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I don’t understand why the phonics proponents are insistent upon not allowing other methods in addition to phonics that may further improve outcomes for children.  


Lena Loganathan, a primary, secondary, tertiary and now a private tutor with some 50 years or more experience teaching English, shares her success of teaching a grade one student reading through a combination of phonemes, phonics and Dolch Sight words found in my Book 1 that was made available to her.

The student deemed by his parents as having learning difficulties learned to read the first 5 lessons in 5 one hour lessons.

This student will return to her tomorrow after a 4-week absence due to the Covid situation.

Lena’s success is evidence that this method of teaching when taught correctly will make every child a fluent reader at a very early age.

The following is a video of the student reading the Dolch words he had learned in addition to phonics words on his fifth lesson.

Here is the student reading lesson 5 after learning it for an hour.

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