Science Activities for Toddlers to Try

Science Activities for Toddlers to Try

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These are some awesome science activities for toddlers for a fun science theme, learning all about science.

When I think of science activities, I often just think of science experiments for the kids to do. But science is so much more than that. Its weather, and nature, and biology and so much more.

I actually had a hard time when I jotted down areas of science. Science can also be classifying and sorting and physics, which all to me, tends to blend in with mathematics. So I left certain areas of those out of this selection of science activities for toddlers.

What are science activities?

Science activities can be exploring, observing and taking notes.

Science is about experimenting, trial and error.

Science activities are learning about nature, weather and the world around us.

Science is learning about the human body, animals, and how they all interact.

That’s just science in my own words.

Toddlers obviously can’t understand everything there is to know about science. Or even really grasp the basics. But they can be introduced to the concepts and this is often an area that is so magical for kids. These science activities are fascinating for toddlers!

Now, here’s lots of science activities for toddlers!

Activities for toddlers to experiment, observe, learn and just have fun with!

A bunch of science activities for toddlers that would be great for a science theme

Nature activities for toddlers:

Explore physics with toddlers:

Weather activities for toddlers:

Human body activities for toddlers:

Science experiments for toddlers:

Find lots of science experiments for preschoolers too!

What science activities for toddlers have your tried?

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