Playmobil Dino Rise Toy Range and YouTube Show Review

Playmobil Dino Rise Toy Range and YouTube Show Review

Playmobil Dino Rise Toy Range and YouTube Show

[AD] Playmobil Dino Rise Toy Range and YouTube Show Review

Fans of Playmobil and dinosaurs will be excited to hear about the release of the new Playmobil Dino Rise toy range and YouTube show that recently launched. We are big Playmobil and dinosaur fans so it’s a great range for our family.

The new range of toys from this iconic and loved brand includes six different Dino Rise sets (prices ranging from £17.99 to £69.99) for playing out your own exciting adventures at home.

Dino Rise Playmobil

We have three of the new sets and my daughters absolutely love them. I will share some more details about the sets we have further down but first I want to share more about the exciting new YouTube show that is accompanying the toys. The series is called “DINO RISE – The Legend of Dino Rock” and is full of action.

Dino Rise YouTube

There is a total of 7 episodes of 7 minutes each in high-quality CGI animation broadcast exclusively on the PLAYMOBIL YouTube channel or via the YouTube Kids app. You can choose to watch Dino Rise in the following languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

Dino Rise is the second animated series that accompanies a new PLAYMOBIL theme digitally and this has proven to help create enthusiasm and anticipation among fans as well as being lots of fun for kids to watch.

Watch all episodes of Dino Rise here.

Dino Rise

Usually, in stories featuring dinosaurs and humans, the dinosaurs are attackers but that is not the case in Playmobil’s Dino Rise story. Instead, they dinosaurs fight alongside young heroes against evil forces, giving children a new way to play with dinosaurs.

Playmobil Dino Rise

The Dino Rise YouTube series introduces the story and the characters of this new play world:

“It all starts when a group of young friends around their brave leader Ian gets together at Uncle Rob’s junkyard in Texas. They learn that the shady Comet Corporation is about to destroy the legendary Dino Rock in search of valuable resources. The friends want to prevent this! In their search for a solution, Ian encounters the T-Rex and other dinos, the powerful keepers of Dino Rock. The teens join forces with the dinos to form an inseparable team against the Comet Corp. and its evil, human-controlled machines. The giants become their helpers and companions. Will the friends manage to protect, defend and save the world of the dinos? What Ian doesn’t know yet is that, according to legend, as the “Chosen One” he holds the key to a hidden world – and his heroic journey is just beginning in these seven exciting episodes…!”

Dino Rise Playmobil

Spinosaurus: Double Defense Power (£49.99) is a large set featuring a Spinosaurus and the characters Samu and Ayla. The Spinosaurus is large and dangerous and fights alongside his friends against the perfidious fighting machines that try to destroy everything.

Spinosaurus Samu Ayla

They all have protective armour and Samu and Ayla ride on either side of the Spinosaurus where they can use Uncle Rob’s clever fighting equipment.

Playmobil Dino Rise

The dinosaurs from this new range are such a great size! The children are very impressed and think they’re brilliant!

Dinosaurs Playmobil
You can see Samu and Ayla riding on the Spinosaurus to the right.

The T-Rex you can see above is from the largest set from the new Dino Rise range – T-Rex: Battle of the Giants (£69.99).

Dino Rise Playmobil

This set includes a T-Rex equipped with firing cannons, barrel catapult and removable armour, the character Ian who can ride on the T-Rex and the enemy – a hypermodern fighting robot with a character that can sit inside and control it. The set also includes a small dinosaur with its own armour and canons.


The final set that we have is the Saichania: Invasion of the Robot set (£59.99).

Dinosaur toys

With a very cool Saichania dinosaur, the figure Milow and a villain robot fighter with a character that sits inside it. Milow can ride on the dinosaur while they fight the robot together as a dino-human team.

Dino Rise

We love that all figures and dinosaurs come with removable armour that’s easy to click on and off for different play scenarios. We also love that the dinosaurs are on the same team as humans!

Dino Rise baddies
The baddies!

My older girls, aged 5 and 7, love building full play worlds with all the characters and all of the equipment. They play out different scenarious and use the catapults to defend the dinosaurs and the good characters from the baddies.

Dinosaur Playmobil

While my youngest, aged 2, loves to play with the dinosaurs and figures as they are. The sets are very versatile and lots of fun and older kids will love watching the YouTube show alongside playing with the sets.

Buy yours from or from here.

These sets were kindly sent to us for review. As always, all my reviews are 100% honest and all thoughts and opions are my own.

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